Lynne McGranger opens up about her ‘terrific’ bond with former Home and Away co-star Johnny Ruffo

Jul 08, 2023
McGranger puts their close bond down to a shared brand of humour and Ruffo remaining humble and grounded despite his incredible success. Source: Getty Images.

In a heartwarming discussion, beloved Home and Away actress Lynne McGranger has discussed her remarkable friendship with former co-star Johnny Ruffo.

The two actors, who shared the screen on the popular Australian soap opera, have maintained a strong bond that continues to flourish outside the realms of Summer Bay.

However, despite their solid connection now, McGranger admitted she had some reservations when meeting the 35-year-old for the first time.

“I do remember him coming onto the show and, to be honest, probably rolling my eyes and thinking, b***** reality television star,” McGranger told 7Life.

“I did see him on X Factor and I remember thinking he was gorgeous, smart, funny and a beautiful guy.

“I thought he was such a talent, but then rolled my eyes going, well he’s not an actor so what the hell is he doing here?”

Although McGranger was initially apprehensive at first, she admitted it wasn’t long before the pair became close friends.

“Those initial thoughts of mine were so, so wrong,” she said.

“It couldn’t have been further from the truth because he was a hard worker; he really, really wanted to nail it and learn about acting.

“We just hit it off from day one, and I’m sort of like his older sister or he calls me his ‘East Coast Mama’ because his actual mama is on the west coast.”


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McGranger puts their close bond down to a shared brand of humour and Ruffo remaining humble and grounded despite his incredible success.

“He’s just naughty and irrepressible and all those things, and I think that’s what I loved about him,” she said.

“Johnny doesn’t take himself too seriously, you know, for a young, handsome, talented man – he must have had women falling all over him.

“It wasn’t an easy ride to get to where he is in the public eye. He really worked at it.

“I think all of those things attracted me to him and we’ve just become terrific mates, you know, and laughed a lot.”

In addition to reflecting on her friendship with Ruffo, McGranger recently contemplated a “surreal” career first after being nominated for her first ever Logie.

Reacting to the news, the 70-year-old star expressed her gratitude and disbelief at being nominated for a TV WEEK Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress for the first time after her longstanding dedication to her beloved Home and Away character, Irene Roberts.

“I still feel like it’s not real,” she told 7Life following the nomination.

“It’s very surreal, I can’t explain it.

“It’s just like why after 31 years I’m suddenly nominated?”

While she is “not complaining” about the nomination, McGranger did find the humour in being nominated after so many years.

“It’s like they’ve gone, ‘Let’s nominate all the old people on the show this year… What a good idea,” she joked.

“Let’s not give it to anyone under the age of 45,’ which is kind of good.

“It’s sort of like old power and it is very exciting.”

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