Grant Denyer reveals wife Chezzi was already married when he fell for her

Sep 15, 2020
Grant Denyer and his wife Chezzi have welcomed a gorgeous baby girl to their family. Source: Getty

Grant Denyer and wife Chezzi are one of the most loved-up couples in Australian show business, but this week the Family Feud host revealed it hasn’t always been plain sailing – in fact Chezzi was actually married to someone else when they first met.

The 43-year-old television star and ex-TV producer Chezzi made the shocking confession during the first episode of their new podcast It’s All True, which is aptly titled ‘Not Love At First Sight’.

Grant and Chezzi met whilst both working for Channel Seven’s Sunrise back in 2005, however Grant revealed they didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. “We don’t work well together,” he said. “It’s s**t every time we do.” Chezzi agreed, adding that her husband is very organised and professional, while she is more “haphazard, but about the big picture”.

“When we were working together on Sunrise, we hated each other. You were annoying – you kept trying to tell me how to do my job,” Grant said. “We clashed a lot – however there is a happy ending to this story.”

He went on to reveal that things changed on day after they brushed hands and felt “a spark”. “My world stopped and just loved flooded in,” he said. “I just felt this tingle from head to toe, I went ‘I can not live without this woman, I need her in my life forever’.”

However, Grant added that it was “problematic” as Chezzi was married, while he was in another relationship. “That took a long time to navigate,” Grant said, while Chezzi described it as “a rough journey”, which eventually saw her move back to Bathurst and give up on her career in television after rumours of their fling were splashed across the newspapers.

“We hid our love,” Grant said. “It felt naughty, it felt wrong, but oh so right at the same time. It was so uncomfortable not knowing when we were going to be caught, I just felt like a naughty boy who was in trouble all the time.”

“It was all worth it in the end,” he added.

It comes just weeks after the couple announced they were expecting their third child together. Grant and Chezzi shared an adorable video of their two daughters Sailor, 8, and Scout, 4, announcing the exciting news on Instagram in August.

“We have some exciting news… Coming 1st March 2021!” Grant and Chezzi both captioned the video.

“So, we have some news,” their daughter Sailor explained. “Our mum is pregnant! And mum’s really sick. And she’s been resting for days. So that’s our news and it’s so exciting that she’s got a baby.”

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