Dr Harry Cooper opens up on keeping the romance alive with his beloved wife

Nov 07, 2022
Dr Harry Cooper has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to displays of love and affection for his beloved wife. Source: Getty Images.

It can often become difficult to keep the romance alive in a marriage as the years roll by, however, this certainly hasn’t been the case for Dr Harry Cooper who recently revealed how he keeps the spark going in his marriage.

Dr Harry and his wife Susan have been together for close to a decade and recently took the plunge and got married in March this year.

After almost a decade-long partnership, the loving couple could be forgiven for becoming comfortable and letting things slide in the romance department.

However, Dr Harry has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to displays of love and affection for his beloved wife. In a recent interview with New Idea, the celebrity veterinarian revealed that although he can often be away filming Better Home and Gardens he always makes an effort to stay connected with Susan.

“I text all the time,” Dr Harry revealed.

“I’ll send her a little heart … I keep her up to date about what’s going on – and that’s how we keep going.”

However, he did let slip that he often returns home with “more treats for the animals” than for his wife.

The loving couple exchanged vows in March of this year on their 125 – acre estate in Port Macquarie, joined by several of their closest family and friends.

The couple’s pet stock horse, Wendy, even played a part in the ceremony by acting as ring bearer for the special day.

“Everything was perfect, and not many brides can say that, but it was,” Susan gushed in an interview with Woman’s Day.

“I’ve waited all my life for this bloke … he’s a real genuine person – what you see is what you get.”

Susan looked stunning on the day in her elegant sleeveless, white lace mermaid cut gown, featuring a subtle plunging neckline.

Susan’s blonde locks were pulled back and off her face in a low bun. For accessories, she wore a classy necklace with simple earing and bracelets to match.

Her husband was equally as dashing in his smart beige linen suit and crisp white button-up.

Dr Harry accessorised with a brown belt, which matched his brown dress shoes, and complimented his beige fedora.

Much like his wife, Dr Harry knew Susan was the one for him from the first time he saw her.

“I saw a blonde lady sitting down the end of the table… and I thought she was so good looking,” Harry told the publication.

Dr Harry also described the happiest moment of his life as seeing his “stunning” bride walk down the aisle.

“I’m all choked up just thinking about it,” he said.

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