Dick Van Dyke sustains ‘minor injuries’ following car crash

Mar 23, 2023
Veteran actor Dick Van Dyke has reportedly suffered "minor injuries" after crashing his car in Malibu. Source: Getty Images.

Beloved actor Dick Van Dyke has reportedly suffered “minor injuries” after crashing his car into a gate in Malibu.

TMZ reported that following the incident the 97-year-old was left with a bloody nose and bleeding from the mouth and may have suffered a possible concussion.

Paramedics treated the Mary Poppins star at the scene and he was not taken to hospital.

Authorities don’t believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

As news of the accident broke, fans from near and far were quick to wish the veteran actor all the best while praying for a speedy recovery.

Despite the incident and the injuries he sustained, Van Dyke has otherwise been the picture of health and longevity well into old age.

In a recent interview, Van Dyke attributed his longevity to his adoring wife.

The 97-year-old tied the knot with make-up artist Arlene Silver in 2012 and the pair have a 46-year age gap between them.

Speaking with Yahoo, the Mary Poppins star was asked for the secret to his “energy and joy”.

“Genes, I guess, for one thing. Having a beautiful young wife half my age to take care of me — that works!,” Van Dyke said.

The legendary showman said he gets his “positive attitude from [his] wife” as well, but admitted there’s another element to keeping energetic and fit in age.

“I still go to the gym three days a week and work out. And I advise everybody to do that because that’s what ages people — it’s just a stiffening up and not exercising their muscles and their lungs,” he said.

“Exercise is the answer.”

Van Dyke gave the public a sneak peek of his exercise routine during a recent appearance on CBS This Morning which he credited with helping him stay active in addition to ageing well.

“I’m 95, and a lot of my friends won’t do these,” Van Dyke told viewers, as he showed off his workout routine.

“So all you old guys out there, listen to me, I’m telling you, you can keep going for a long [time].

“George Burns made it, and I’m gonna do it too.”

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