Cliff Richard under fire over ‘appalling’ Elvis Presley comments

Nov 24, 2023
Regardless of Cliff Richard's intentions, social media ignited with waves of disapproval. Source: Getty Images.

Following a recent appearance on a popular talk show, legendary singer Cliff Richard has found himself at the centre of a social media storm after he made controversial comments about Elvis Presley, sparking widespread criticism and considerable online backlash.

During an interview on This Morning, Richard told presenters Alison Hammond, Dermot O’Leary and guest host Sarah Ferguson that he once had the opportunity to meet Elvis earlier in his career, but turned it down.

“[A journalist] knew I was influenced [by Elvis], and he said, ‘do you want to meet him?’, and I said, ‘yeah!’,” he recalled.

“At the end of the interview, though, I said, ‘can we put it off?’, because [Elvis] had put on a lot of weight, and I thought, ‘if I’m having a photograph taken with him, and it’s going to be hanging on my refrigerator, he’s got to look good’. And I put it off, and, of course, then he died.”

In a subsequent part of the interview, Richard conveyed to the audience the sentiment that “if you’re a fan of somebody’s, and you get a chance to meet them, meet them.” This statement led some to interpret it as an acknowledgment by the singer that his decision and perspective at the time were a mistake.

“Even if they’ve put on weight,” he added, closing the interview with a laugh.

Regardless of Richard’s intentions, social media ignited with waves of disapproval with fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and admirers of Richard expressing their disappointment, accusing the British singer of engaging in what many perceived as fat-shaming directed at the legendary Elvis.

As the social media storm continues, Richard has yet to issue a formal statement addressing the controversy and the perceived acknowledgment of a possible mistake.

Fans and critics alike no doubt eagerly await his response.

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