‘Buried in the haze of time’: Paul McCartney to release ‘photographic journal’ of ‘The Beatles’

Jan 28, 2023
Rediscovered images of 'The Beatles' set to be released. Source: Getty

Sir Paul McCartney is set to release a “photographic journal” of The Beatles, showcasing rediscovered images of the beloved band from “an intense three-month period of travel”.

The photos were taken by the 80-year-old himself, which he says are his “own record of our first huge trip” through Liverpool, London, Paris, New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami, described as complete “pandemonium”.

Speaking with the BBCMcCartney said going back through the photos was like being in a time machine.

“Anyone who rediscovers a personal relic or family treasure is instantly flooded with memories and emotions, which then trigger associations buried in the haze of time,” he said.

“This was exactly my experience in seeing these photos, all taken over an intense three-month period of travel.

“It was a wonderful sensation to be plunged right back.”

The Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm will be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery before the images are released in book form.

McCartney’s rediscovered photos are sure to be as iconic as the band’s Abbey Road album cover.

However, fans have long questioned why Paul McCartney is the only band member who is wearing no shoes in the infamous shot, which shows the Liverpool group strolling across a pedestrian crossing.

The photo even added fuel to conspiracy theories that McCartney had tragically died and been replaced by a body double, with people speculating that Paul was barefoot in the image to represent a corpse. While it was also suggested that John Lennon, dressed head to toe in white, represented God, Ringo Starr a priest and George Harrison a gravedigger.

During a Q&A session shared on YouTube, the musical legend finally answered the question – putting to bed rumours about why he opted to wear no shoes once and for all – revealing there was no ‘special meaning’ behind the statement.

“The thing was I turned up and, like today, it was a very hot day,” he said.

“I happened to be wearing sandals so I just kicked them off, because it was just so hot, and went across barefoot. There was no special meaning behind it – it was really hot.”



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