Cash or card: Aussie shopper takes a swipe at increase in cashless checkouts

One Australian shopper has taken a swipe at Coles for what he sees as their move towards a cashless shopping future. Source: Getty Images

With fewer and fewer cash checkouts available these days, one Australian shopper is calling out a major supermarket brand for what appears to be their clear move towards cashless shopping.

Sydney DJ and music producer, Tom Budin, recently took to social media to voice his deep concern about what he sees as Coles’ clear intent to move towards a cashless shopping future.

He recently filmed inside his local Coles, where seven out of the nine self-service checkouts were clearly marked “card only”.

Pointing towards the cash tills in his Tik Tok video he said, “Only two machines left that accept cash and, mark my words, these machines, in my opinion, will be gone by the end of the year.”

“What a world we live in, ladies and gentlemen.”

@tombudinmusic Do you think Coles will be going completely cashless? Comment below #cashless #Australia #cash #society #coles #supermarket #viral ♬ original sound – Tom Budin

On the matter, Yahoo Finance caught up with the coordinator of Cash Welcome — a grassroots campaign created to protect consumers’ rights to use and access cash. Jason Bryce said that Coles was making a “big mistake”.

“I think everyone has noticed a reduction in checkout terminals that accept cash at Coles,” he stated.

“In many Coles stores, staff ask: ‘Are you paying cash or card?’. The cash people always have to wait. The card people always skip to the front.

“This is a big mistake by Coles. Coles is literally pushing us cashless, against our will. People want to be able to choose.

“This is food and groceries we are talking about. Australians need the government to step in, like the UK, France and parts of the USA have done, and protect cash.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Bryce questioned what would happen if the card-payment system failed.

“Coles can’t guarantee their EFTPOS system is reliable 24/7/365.

“As soon as an outage hits, bedlam ensues and it’s entirely of their own making.”

While it may be true that card more than cash seems to be king these days, the response from Tik Tokkers was mixed with many saying the move is in keeping with the new digital world.

“Cashless society will be better.”

“What’s wrong with Card only. More convenient.”

“Just makes sooo much more sense putting cash in 2 machines than all of them. It take so much time to fill/count tills and you have to do it multi times.”

“Get with the times….its a digital world.”

Others, however, were vocal about keeping cash.

“I’ll never get rid of my cash.”

“Coles don’t care about the customers anymore…”

“Keep using cash.”

“Then the power goes out or bad update and you cannot buy food.”

“I only use cash. Go in for one item and leave with one item.”

While there is no evidence that Coles is intentionally moving towards a cashless operation, the supermarket giant recently sparked controversy with their move to trial staff body cameras across 30 stores in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. 

This in reaction to an uptick in theft and the abuse of staff by customers.

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