Can you spot the danger lurking in this baby’s nursery?

Do you see it?

A Queensland dad has had a close encounter with a venomous reptile in the place you’d least want to find one, if you had to find one anywhere – the baby’s nursery!

The dad from Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast was tidying up and vacuuming in the baby’s room when he saw what he initially believed was an Eastern Brown snake – the world’s second most venomous snake and unfortunately, one Aussies come across quite often. 

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers came to the rescue, capturing what turned out to be a far less dangerous serpent; a Yellow-Faced Whip snake. 

A picture taken at the scene shows just how difficult the slithering critter is to find though. 

Max from the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers posted the photo to Facebook, putting the challenge out to followers to find the lurking danger. 

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“Not a good place to find a snake!” he wrote. 

“A Little Mountain local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to be a young Brown Snake in the babies room! Keeping an eye on the snake he gave us a call and I rushed out. The culprit was actually a mildly venomous Yellow-faced Whipsnake. See if you can find him in this photo!”

Still can’t see it? Check behind the box of nappies!

Were you able to find it? Have you ever found an unwanted house guest like this?

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