Camilla reveals King Charles won’t ‘slow down’ or ‘do what he’s told’ despite health battle

Jun 09, 2024
Queen Camilla revealed that the King is "doing fine" but joked that he "won't slow down and won't do what he's told". Source: AP PHOTO.

During a recent appearance at the Queen’s Reading Room Festival on Saturday, June 8, Camilla offered some insight into King Charles’ well-being as he continues cancer treatment.

While the Queen revealed to Jack Reacher author Lee Child that the King is “doing fine”, she joked that he “won’t slow down and won’t do what he’s told”.

In response to the humorous update, Lee replied, “Sounds to me like a typical husband.”

Other members of the Royal Family have also remarked on King Charles’ resolve to continue working despite his battle with cancer, not just Camilla.

Previously, Peter Phillips provided insight into both the Monarch’s resilient spirit and his frustrations shortly after the King was diagnosed with cancer.

Phillips, the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, as well as the only son of Princess Anne and her first husband Captain Mark Phillips, shared his observations with Sky News, shedding light on the King’s state of mind during that period.

“He’s in good spirits,” he revealed at the time.

“I think, ultimately, he’s hugely frustrated. He’s frustrated that he can’t get on and do everything that he wants to be able to do.

“But he is very pragmatic (and) he understands that there’s a period of time that he really needs to focus on himself.”

The King’s eagerness to return to his royal duties was evident, with Phillips highlighting Charles’s persistent inquiries about what he can and cannot do.

“He is always pushing, his staff and everybody and his doctors and nurses to be able to say ‘actually come on, you know, can I do this? Can I do that?’” Phillips said.

“So the overriding message would be that he’s obviously very keen to get back to a form of normality.

“And he’s probably frustrated that, recovery is taking a little longer than probably he would want it to.”

Charles has recently returned to public-facing duties, his first official appearance saw him and Queen Camilla visiting the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, where they met with patients and medical specialists.

During his visit, the King spoke candidly about the “shock” of his cancer diagnosis, offering words of empathy and reassurance to fellow patients.

When asked about his health by one patient, King Charles replied with characteristic British understatement.

“I’m alright thank you very much, not too bad,” he said.

Reflecting on his diagnosis, the King shared, “It’s always a bit of a shock, isn’t it, when they tell you?”

His ability to connect with others facing similar challenges was evident as he comforted Lesley Woodbridge, 63, by sharing his own upcoming treatment schedule, saying, “I’ve got to have my treatment this afternoon as well.”

Despite the gravity of his situation, King Charles demonstrated warmth and optimism throughout the visit. His cheerful demeanour and friendly waves to well-wishers gathered outside the hospital underscored his unwavering commitment to serving his people.

-with PA.


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