Bill Granger’s family considering ‘a fitting local send-off’ for the late celebrity chef

Jan 21, 2024
Source: Getty Images.

The family of the late Australian celebrity chef, Bill Granger, is grappling with the decision of how to bid a final farewell to the culinary maestro on his home turf.

Despite a private funeral in the UK, the Granger family is now contemplating a “fitting local send-off” in the city that became synonymous with the renowned chef’s success – Sydney.

Granger, who enchanted taste buds around the globe with his innovative and laid-back approach to cooking, passed away at the age of 54 on Christmas Day in London.

As family and friends grapple with his loss, reports from the Daily Telegraph suggest that the family is still mulling over the prospect of holding a memorial service in Sydney, the city that played a pivotal role in Granger’s rise to culinary stardom.

Having resided in the UK for the past decade, the family is keen on honoring Granger’s legacy in the place where it all began.

In the late 1980s, Granger made the transition from Melbourne to Sydney, initially immersing himself in the world of art. Balancing his artistic pursuits with studies and working as a waiter, he gradually shifted his passion from art to the culinary realm. In 1993, the culinary maestro unveiled his first restaurant, Bills, located in Sydney’s Darlinghurst suburb, gaining acclaim for its standout breakfast dishes, especially the popular scrambled eggs.

Granger’s culinary empire continued to expand with Bills Surry Hills in 1996 and Bills Woollahra as his third establishment. Venturing beyond Australian borders, he introduced the first Bills restaurant in Japan in 2008, marking the start of a remarkable journey. Granger went on to establish eight restaurants across various Japanese cities.

In 2011, Granger opened his first UK restaurant, Granger & Co, in London’s Westbourne Grove. He further expanded his culinary footprint with another London-based Granger & Co in Clerkenwell and a new Bills restaurant in Hawaii in 2014. The same year saw the opening of his first restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, currently boasting two establishments in the country.

Delving into literature, Granger authored a series of acclaimed books, including Bill’s Sydney Food (2000), Bill’s Food (2002), Bill’s Open Kitchen (2003), and several others, each providing insights into the delectable offerings of his restaurants.

Beyond the kitchen, Granger showcased his culinary prowess on screen with a six-part series, Bill’s Food, captivating audiences in Australia and the UK. This success paved the way for subsequent series, including Bill’s Holiday (2009) and Bill’s Kitchen: Notting Hill (2013), airing across various international networks.

Adding another dimension to his multifaceted career, Granger contributed as a food columnist for The Independent on Sunday in 2011. Additionally, his regular appearances on ABC Radio 702 and features in various media outlets solidified his status as a culinary icon.

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