Ball gowns and steel caps: Julie Bishop stunning in pink

Julie Bishop wowed in a stunning pink frock. Source: @honjuliebishop/Instagram

Julie Bishop dazzled in a sleeveless, ruffled, pink and red ombre floor length gown, paired with…safety boots? That’s right, steel capped, pink, suede, safety boots. Bishop, now firmly embedded as a fashion icon, made a statement as she rocked Australian designer’s Jaimie Sortino dress, kicking off the Frocktober campaign.

Frocktober is a tremendous initiative that raises money and awareness for ovarian cancer, dubbed as the ‘silent killer’. That’s precisely what makes Bishop’s gown all the more meaningful. Sortino, the designer behind the beautiful tulle number, designed the dress with his cousin Jenna, who passed away from ovarian cancer.


“Jaimie had Jenna’s name embroidered into the dress,” Bishop said. “That reminds us of a beautiful young Adelaide girl who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early 20s and was experiencing this cancer all through her 20s.

Jenna died last year. It reminds us that this cancer can strike any woman at any age. Her name embroidered into the dress is very special.”

The dress also has the words, ’empathy’, and ‘courage’ embroidered into the gown, making a statement on those who have suffered and survived the insidious disease.

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