Australian Republic Movement reveals proposed constitutional reforms

Apr 04, 2022
The Australian Republic Movement unveils plans for reform. Source: Getty Images

The Australian Republic Movement (ARM) has released a comprehensive constitutional draft of reforms that would see Australia follow in the footsteps of the United States.

The suggestion allows for Australians to choose from up to 11 presidential candidates, with each state putting forward a candidate of their own.

The ARM’s proposal is modelled closely after the Irish Republic’s, which actually sees the president holding less power than a prime minister would, essentially replacing the role of the Queen’s representative – the Governer-General.

The Chair of the ARM and Member of the Order Peter FitzSimons said the reform would unite Aussie republicans who were not in agreeance over election processes.

“We’ve consulted, we’ve listened closely and Australians have told us this approach will give our nation the best chance of success at a referendum, with an overwhelming majority of Australians likely to back the change,” FitzSimons said.

“This will give all Australian voters a merit-based choice about who speaks for them as Head of State. The decision will be in their hands, unlike now, where it is luck of the draw who we get from the British Royal Family.”

Aussie republicans took to social media to share their support for the ARM’s proposal.

Unsurprisingly, the proposed constitution has been met with criticism from constitutional monarchists.

In an interview with Sky News, Liberal MP Dr Katie Allen says she believes that while Australia will eventually become a republic, this model is ambitious.

“I don’t actually buy into this model. I think the Australian people love the Queen and think the Australian Republic Movement is aware that she is quite old now and so they’re getting ahead of themselves,” she said.

“I think we need to wait to see in the future what King Charles and Queen Camilla will be like as leaders, and at that point, I think looking at what models are on offer, but this model doesn’t seem quite right to me.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in support of the monarchy, however, if Morrison loses the upcoming election, Australia could potentially see two republicans in power with ALP leader Anthony Albanese and succeeding opposition leader Josh Frydenberg.



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