Aussies reveal clever strategies to slash grocery bills amid soaring food prices

Jan 10, 2024
Savvy shoppers are coming up with clever ways to save money at the supermarket checkout. Source: Getty Images.

As the cost of living continues to climb, Aussies are putting their heads together to find clever and resourceful ways to make their grocery dollars stretch further.

Finder recently revealed a substantial increase in the annual grocery expenditure for Australian households. The Consumer Sentiment Tracker from Finder highlights that, in February 2023, the average Australian household allocated $185 to their weekly grocery budget.

This marks a $37 per week surge compared to February 2022, translating to an astounding $1,924 additional spending per household over the past year, amounting to a nationwide increase of $18.8 billion.

In response to the challenges posed by escalating food prices, one Reddit user turned to the online community for advice “to get the most from your grocery shop”, sparking a wave of innovative strategies.

“I’m talking cost effective recipes, things you can make in bulk/advance and chuck in the freezer,” they added.

“I write my shopping list and compare across both the big guys (side by side browser windows), pick the most suitable product and do an online order. I also buy meat at the butcher, and fruit/veg at the greengrocer. But even with all of these it’s very pinchy, costwise.”

In response, the Reddit community rallied with a variety of savvy approaches to tackle the rising cost of food.

One user admitted to reducing portion sizes and cutting down on meat consumption to adapt to the price surge.

“Reducing meat portions has many benefits such as economic, environmental, and you can always supplement with beans (bean salads, white bean sauce, etc). Adding variety is always a good thing,” they explained.

Another suggestion involved exploring local markets, with one user recommending their local produce market.

“If you’re in a major city, find a fruit and veg market. The Sunday produce market at Pooraka in Adelaide saves people enormous amounts of money each week,” they suggested.

Contrary to the trend of online shopping, some users found savings by physically going into the store.

“Rather than order online, I go into the store. Savings right there,” shared one Redditor, emphasising the benefits of a hands-on approach to shopping.

For those looking to make their groceries last longer, a clever discovery was shared: “I’ve recently discovered the joy of zip-lock bags! Our grocery shop has become smaller, and we make it go further. There are only two of us, and this might not work for all, but bottom line, we make it go further.”

And, of course, a touch of humour was injected into the discussion, with one user jokingly suggesting, “Tricking the self-checkout.”

While not a practical solution, it highlighted the shared sentiment that Australians are willing to explore various avenues to navigate the financial challenges that come with grocery shopping nowadays.

Whether it’s online shopping savvy, reducing portions, exploring local markets, or finding joy in zip-lock bags, Aussies are demonstrating that a pinch in the pocket won’t dampen their creativity when it comes to the weekly grocery shop.




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