Aussies honour Dr John Wright following ‘The Merry Medic’s’ passing

Dec 03, 2022
Source: Twitter/@zaphski

Australians were left to mourn following the passing of Australia’s first celebrity doctor, Dr John Wright, at the age of 94 on Sunday, November 27.

However, sadness over his passing quickly turned into a celebration of “The Merry Medic’s” life as fans across the country reflected on Dr Wright’s many achievements, favourite memories and enduring legacy.

Dr Wright was beloved by the Australian public for his ability to break down complicated medical jargon into a straightforward and understandable manner with ease, while taking the viewing public on a journey into the latest medical advances and emerging health concerns.

His popularity and the public’s adoration was clearly evident given the number of tributes that poured in on social media from across the country for a “lovely man” who enjoyed an “amazing life”.


The popular physician originally wanted to become a journalist before choosing to study medicine at the University of Sydney and pursue a medical career. Following his graduation in 1953, Wright moved to Tottenham in rural New South Wales to become the town’s general practitioner.

Due to the isolated nature of the town, Dr Wright filled the roles of surgeon, obstetrician, counsellor, pharmacist and also performed duties as the town’s local vet before getting married to Noreen Weslake and returning to Sydney to establish his medical practice.

His writing talents saw him publish medical columns in numerous publications such as Women’s Weekly, Women’s Day, The Sunday Mail, The Sunday Telegraph and The Melbourne Herald Sun among many others.

Dr Wright made his first foray into television on the Mike Walsh Show in 1972. His popularity saw him secure a regular segment on the program, even remaining with the show when it became The Midday Show with Ray Martin as host.

With the popularity of his television segments it wasn’t long before radio came calling and Dr Wright soon began hosting two-hour weekly programs for 2GB and 2UE.

On top of his stellar accomplishments in the medial and media arenas, Dr Wright was also an accomplished author having written 30 books in his lifetime.

In recognition of his many accomplishments, Dr Wright was awarded an Order of Australia in 1998 and was later nominated as NSW’s Senior Australian of the Year in 2017.

Dr Wright is survived by his four children, nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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