ABC Radio host met with fierce backlash over Jesus segment

Dec 16, 2021
ABC Radio host Richard Glover has defended a a recent ABC segment following viewer outrage. Source: Twitter/@rgloveroz

An ABC Radio host has copped a fierce response from “so many angry” viewers after airing a segment discussing the birth of Jesus.

The Self Improvement Wednesday segment discussed two versions of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ found in the Bible during an interview with Reverend Professor Dorothy Lee from the University of Divinity.

Segment host Richard Glover took to Twitter to defend airing the subject matter.

“So many angry about seven minutes of radio today on the biblical account of the birth of Jesus – featuring an Australian scholar who happens to be one of the world’s best,” he said.

“I know many don’t believe – I don’t – but why so angry about a Christian trip into a foundation text?”

Glover was clearly taken aback by the strong reaction to the segment.

“It was actually mostly literary analysis which was why the reaction was so weird,” he said.

Glover’s audience was quick to defend the nature of the segment and show their support for the broadcaster.

“I enjoyed it and found it really interesting. I wonder if those complaining follow through with their convictions and don’t celebrate Christmas in any guise at all… ?
I’m not a believer but can recognise that it’s a part of our human story, like it or not.”

“Good on you for calling out such bigotry! I missed your segment due to cricket but wish I’d heard it. I do believe, but I respect others’ right to make their own choices. I don’t diss their beliefs. They shouldn’t diss mine.”

“Since when have we become so closed-minded to learning? A broad education creates discussion and different viewpoints. That’s called democracy.”

The weekly Self Improvement Wednesday provides “insights into everything from history to astronomy to philosophy courtesy of a leading expert in the field”.

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What do you think of the backlash to the segment? Justified or is it an overreaction?

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