‘A very special and caring man’: Larry Emdur reflects on time shared with the late John Blackman

Jun 07, 2024
“He was a very special and caring man, and that’s incredibly special in this business of ours.” Source: Getty Images.

Following the passing of entertainment icon John Blackman, fans and those close to him have rushed to share their tributes and treasured memories of the Hey Hey It’s Saturday star.

Among them, Larry Emdur has paid heartfelt tribute, reminiscing about a treasured moment together while reflecting on Blackman’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Emdur reminisced about his time hosting Hey Hey It’s Saturday, stepping in for regular host Daryl Somers. While initially feeling overwhelmed, Emdur recalled how Blackman came to his aid, providing much-needed support during that period.

“I remember the first time because it was the biggest show on TV, and for a young host, it was the scariest place to be,” Emdur said.

“I was so discombobulated, and John just walked straight across the studio floor and said, ‘Don’t worry, mate, I got you’.”

Emdur went on to describe Blackman as “the backbone” of the variety show.

“There were just moments when you’d stop or something would happen, and he was in there with a gag or with a funny voice or something,” Emdur said.

“He was a very special and caring man, and that’s incredibly special in this business of ours.”

Emdur’s heartfelt tribute comes after Hey Hey It’s Saturday host Daryl Somers broke his silence on Blackman’s passing, revealing how “devastated” he was following the loss of his co-star and “beloved friend”.

“He had a God-given talent to make people laugh, especially me,” Somers told the ABC.

“He used to say his mission on Hey Hey was to break me up and at times I’d be crying with uncontrollable laughter.

“Sadly today, I’m just crying.”

Blackman’s passing at the age of 76 was announced on Wednesday, June 5.

Channel 7 entertainment reporter Peter Ford was among the first to share the unfortunate news with the Australian public on The Morning Show on Wednesday, June 5, stating that “Australia is a sadder place” following Blackman’s death.

“John was an incredible man. In the past years, he has put up a huge cancer fight,” Ford said.

“He was a beautiful performer on radio and television, in recent years, of course, he’s put up this incredible cancer fight.”

In a testament to Blackman’s talent and enduring legacy in the entertainment industry, a sea of tributes poured in from across the country with many sharing their favourite memories of the star.

Blackman is survived by his wife Cecile and his daughter Tiffany.

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