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With Trilogy Funds, I know my savings are working hard for me.

Sep 21, 2021
“Soon it will be time for me to work less, but I still want my money to work hard,” Ian says.

“Life is very big,” says Ian Healy, a Queensland-based businessman. Yes, that’s the same Ian Healy who wore the baggy green cap and kept wicket for the Australian cricket team from 1988 to 1999. “On and off the field I’ve worked hard all my life,” he says. “I’ve always been busy with cricket, business and other interests. Soon it will be time for me to work less, but I still want my money to work hard.”

Now 57 years old, and like many Australians, approaching the big 6-0, Ian knows that managing his money is more important than ever.

“When I was playing at international level, my wife Helen took care of the finances,” he recalls. “Goal setting was a huge strength in my cricket career, but I need help in financial goal setting. And I want my money to work for me, even when it’s time for me to work less.”

Ian is a brand ambassador for Trilogy Funds, one of Australia’s leading fund managers of income-focused and property-based investments, and he has been an investor with them since 2017.

Like many investors, Ian and Helen found that low interest rates made it hard to find a place where their investment funds could earn a competitive rate of return. “We had money that was just sitting there,” explains Ian.

“I had the opportunity to meet the Trilogy Funds team through a personal contact and I also consulted my financial adviser. I met the Trilogy team over dinner, and they outlined their focus on generating real income solutions for their investors through an asset class they know, are experienced in, and can provide value in – Australian property. I appreciated their experience, and I liked the idea of investing my money where it could help to build something.”

For Ian, a key part of the decision was making sure he had a good understanding of how the products worked, including the risks as well as the benefits, and how an investment with Trilogy Funds, which is diversified across several asset classes, would fit into his portfolio

“As you move closer to retirement, you can’t afford big mistakes,” he warns. “The Trilogy Funds team are very experienced in what they do. Their team actively manages their funds and monitors risks, which also made me feel very comfortable with my decision to invest with them. I couldn’t see any reason not to go with Trilogy Funds.”

One of Ian’s family entities invests in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust (Trust), a pooled mortgage investment which provides investors with exposure to returns available through loans secured by first registered mortgages over Australian property. The Trust lends to the residential, commercial, industrial, and retail property sectors in Australia. For more than 13 years, loans managed by Trilogy Funds on behalf of their investors have enabled the successful completion of hundreds of projects along the eastern seaboard of Australia.

“It’s great to know that through my investment in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust I’ve helped finance the construction of Australian residential property, and I’ve also helped enable hundreds of people to find their new home, [and helped] builders build their businesses and employ tradespeople on their projects,” enthuses Ian.

Ian knows that diversification is important and through his family entity, he also has an investment in the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund to give him access to the fixed interest asset class. The Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund invests approximately 65 per cent of funds directly and indirectly in a portfolio of cash, fixed interest investments and other financial assets. These include a range of short to medium-term bank deposits, bills of exchange, promissory notes, bonds, fixed or floating rate debt securities as well as income securities. To enhance returns, the remainder of the portfolio is invested into the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust.

A benefit of the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund is its liquidity, with investors having the ability to withdraw money in 30 days**. “At the end of the day, I believe that Trilogy Funds gives me the most important financial goal: peace of mind,” adds Ian.

Since investing with Trilogy Funds, Ian has received competitive monthly income distributions for his investments in the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust and the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund. By nominating to reinvest his distributions, he is also increasing his holdings in each Trilogy Funds product.

Simple and straight forward reporting each month also makes it very easy to understand how the funds are performing, and he has found that the Australian investor relations team are easy to get a hold of and answer any of his queries.  These personal touches make a difference for Ian.

When asked to sum up why he is associated with Trilogy Funds, Ian comments, “The opportunity to invest a portion of my portfolio in income-focused investment options with competitive returns, and the personalised service from the specialist Trilogy Funds team, all give me the confidence to be a company Ambassador and Trilogy Funds investor. I know my savings are working hard for me.”

TRILOGY INFO This article was prepared in partnership with Trilogy Funds Management Limited ABN 59 080 383 679 AFSL 261425 (Trilogy Funds) as responsible entity for the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust ARSN 121 846 722 and Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund ARSN 614 682 469. Application for investment can only be made on the application form accompanying the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 17 December 2018 and by considering the Target Market Determination (TMD) dated 1 October 2021 for the Trilogy Monthly Income Trust ARSN 121 846 722 and PDS dated 28 July 2020 and TMD dated 1 October 2021 for the Trilogy Enhanced Income Fund ARSN 614 682 469 available at The PDS contains full details of the terms and conditions of investment and should be read in full, particularly the risk section prior to lodging any application or making a further investment, together with the TMD. All investments, including those with Trilogy Funds, involve risk which can lead to loss of part or all of your capital or diminished returns. Trilogy Funds is licensed to provide only general financial product advice about its products and therefore recommends you seek personal advice on the suitability of this investment to your objectives, financial situation and needs from a licensed financial adviser. Investments with Trilogy Funds are not bank deposits and are not government guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Retirement Income Options with Trilogy Funds

In the current low-rate environment, generating income from your hard-earned savings can be challenging. Trilogy’s property-based and diversified funds are designed to provide competitive and regular investment income.

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