Woman driven ‘absolutely crazy’ by husband’s basic lack of manners

Feb 15, 2024
The online community swiftly united in a show of solidarity, inundating her with encouraging comments in response to her predicament. Source: Getty Images.

In a world where the art of politeness seems to be fading, one woman has turned to the vast realm of the internet seeking advice on how to cope with her husband’s apparent disregard for basic manners.

The woman has been happily married to her husband for a solid eight years. However, there’s a tiny detail causing colossal distress in their marital bliss – his apparent inability to use two magic words: please and thank you, and the not-so-minor offence of not bidding farewell.

In a Reddit post dripping with frustration, she spilled the beans on her dilemma.

“I (F32) have been married to my husband (M35) for eight years, and it has been wonderful. He is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me, but one thing that drives me absolutely nuts is that he does not use please or thank you, and he does not say goodbye when he leaves places,” she began.

“To provide some context, I was raised in a home where manners were highly valued and I would be punished if I was not polite. I am posting here because my upbringing may have created some kind of bias.

“The thing is that I can (mostly) live without please and thank you, but not saying goodbye to me when he leaves is the absolute bane of my existence. He will just walk out of the door and I won’t realise he has left until I go looking for him.

“I have had so many conversations with him about this, and nothing ever changes. He says that he forgets because he is in a rush, but I think it only takes two seconds to say goodbye!

“This all came to a head yesterday when I was frustrated about something else and then my husband walked out the door without saying goodbye. I was really irriated, so I followed him and asked him in the driveway why he couldn’t stop for two seconds to say goodbye?

“My husband looked at me quite pointedly without saying anything, and got in the car to go. I felt defeated and went back inside. It was only when he arrived home later that he said I embarrassed him in front of the neighbour who was standing in her driveway. I didn’t even see her standing there, but my husband insists I humiliated him in public on purpose.

“I know that this is really low stakes, but it drives me absolutely crazy!”

The online community swiftly united in a show of solidarity, inundating her with encouraging comments in response to her predicament.

“I don’t know how you have put up with this for more than 8 years I’m mad on your behalf just reading your post,” one person wrote.

“He can 100% learn to say please, thank-you and goodbye, he is just being a dick about it. Probably because he obviously thinks it’s dumb and his family never did it and never taught him to do it, it would drive me crazy also. But he can learn!” suggested another.

“It’s extremely impolite, even more so when you’ve tried explaining how you feel for 8 years. He doesn’t even have to say goodbye. ‘I’m leaving now’ would be better than nothing. It’s no longer a matter of him forgetting…he simply doesn’t care enough (or refuses) to change this one thing to make you happy,” stated one user.

“You have let him know this is important to you and he needs to respect that request,” stated another.

Given the overwhelming response, one thing is clear, basic manners might seem trivial for some but they can make a world of difference.

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