Wild weddings: Guests share their craziest moments from the big day

What drama have you seen unfold while watching a couple celebrate their nuptials?Source: Getty Images.

For most people, weddings are the best day of their lives. They’re marrying the love of their life, making lifelong memories and sharing the moment with all of their closest family members and friends. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, according to a community forum, tying the knot can bring out the worst in people. And whether it’s the overwhelming pressure of the day or the never-ending flow of champagne, some crazy things can and have gone down at weddings, with everything from brawls to hasty divorces becoming the unfortunate outcome.

After recognising the drama that often happens during fictional TV weddings, one user on the online forum Mumsnet posed the question to the group: “Has anyone ever seen any drama unfold at a wedding?” and, unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of answers.

According to one user, the most interesting wedding they’d ever been to involved a secret being announced at the very worst time. “The step-sister of the groom decided that her reception speech was the perfect time to disclose that the groom was the father of her eight-week-old baby … Chaos ensued,” the user wrote.

And while many found that story to be among the worst of all scenarios, other situations came dangerously close to topping it. Most of these involved a bit too much alcohol, with one mother of the bride wetting herself after getting too drunk, and guests at another wedding taking advantage of a free bar by ordering the most expensive bottles of wine and stashing them in their bags under the tables.

Another commenter revealed that things started going downhill when the groom – who had presumably had one too many celebratory bubbles – acted a bit too friendly to his bride-to-be’s family. “At my cousin’s wedding (my cousin was the bride), the groom tried to snog me, then tried to snog another cousin, then felt up one of the bridesmaids on the dance floor, then threw up all over the carpet in the foyer of the hotel. Then he announced he’d been having an affair with the other bridesmaid for months. The divorce came through before the wedding photos were back.”

Another said it was the best man who seemed to ruin the day, writing: “The best man shared multiple photos of the groom enjoying himself during his stag party abroad. These formed part of the best man’s speech and did not go down well with bride’s family … You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.”

Someone else recalled the time they attended a ceremony where the groom, who was perfectly normal up until that point, seemed to have a complete meltdown after several drinks. “The normally absolutely lovely, quiet, never-before-acted-this-way-in-anyone’s-living-memory groom got rather worse for wear and tried to attack one of his best friends. He had to be dragged out and then slept, I believe, on the hallway floor with his very tearful new wife [who] sat up next to him, worried he’d be sick and choke on it. He’s never even hinted at acting that way since. It was very odd.”

And although these seem like the ceremonies from hell, one commenter summed it up fairly well by writing: “I’d love to have been at these weddings.”

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