What’s in it for you? What it really means to be a Starts at 60 Member

Nov 20, 2020

When you are a member of Starts at 60, you get our great daily email newsletters, of course, but you also get the Starts at 60 team in your corner, fighting to find the things that will make your life better, then bring them to you.  And we don’t want to keep quiet about how hard we fight for you, because the more over-60s who join Starts at 60, the more we can achieve! After all, who hasn’t heard that there’s power in numbers?

That’s why we’d love for you to help us spread the word about how Starts at 60 Membership works, among your friends, family members, colleagues – in fact, any older Aussie who you think might like a better deal, a bit of entertainment and a ready-made community.  Have a read of this article about what Starts at 60 Membership offers, so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of being part of our community and you can tell your mates to join up! 

Starts at 60 Members get access to an exclusive array of things: 

Starts at 60 Morning and Afternoon Email Newsletters – Great content created just for over-60s, including relevant news, real-life stories and expert columnists to help you stay informed, entertained and planning or living your best retirement.

Starts at 60 Masterclasses – Regular, high-quality online events designed to bring you information from independent experts about the more challenging areas of retirement, including your money, your health and your downsizing issues. 

Starts at 60 Member Offers – A growing area of our site where quality service providers and product providers can bring you exclusive benefits when you mention your Starts at 60 Membership.

Travel at 60 Marketplace Deals and Offers – Our travel website that’s dedicated to holidays designed for over-60s, who’ll send you regular travel email newsletters packed with great-value deals.

Starts at 60 Community Holidays – Guided trips to destinations all over Australia, travelling with other members of the Starts at 60 Community. Join friends or make new ones on more of our group trips – we make sure to cater for singles too!  

Starts at 60 Marketplace Hot Deals – We’re creating a one-of-a-kind online store for groovy, digital-savvy over-60s that can only get bigger and better. We work with fashion, health, beauty, footwear, gifting, food and liquor brands to bring you great deals on quality products you’ll love. 

Starts at 60 Sassy Points – The new customer loyalty scheme we’ve kicked off, first in our Starts at 60 Marketplace, but with the intention of growing this over time into a value-add you can enjoy across other categories such as travel.  Make sure you’ve joined to start accruing Sassy Points. 

You might be wondering after reading all of this, what do the 22 people who work at Starts at 60 really do, so I wanted to give you a snapshot of that too.

Our Starts at 60 media team does two things: 

  • Frankly, they’re incredible at identifying important issues about pre-retirement and retirement that plenty of older Australians need a little bit of help navigating, so they preparing expert articles, supportive tools and digital masterclasses to provide you with the need-to-know info. We work with trustworthy brands to do this, but we only talk about real problems and quality solutions and err to the side of trust and safety for our members.  
  • Our Starts at 60 media team are also the most up-to-date source of news and insight for over-60s-relevant news, features, lifestyle hints and tips, great recipes and much more. 

Our Travel at 60 team do three big things:

  • We bring together a big selection of Starts at 60 Community holidays to all the places in Australia you’d love to go. During Covid-19, with international travel off the menu, this part of our operation grew rapidly, and we’ve now got more than 60 departures planned for 2021, many of which are selling very fast! 
  • We run a full-service travel agency from our head office in Brisbane, and can book holidays in Australia and throughout the world. We have relationships with all of the leading travel operators and can help you plan that dream holiday, near or far away
  • We recently launched a full online travel booking capability, so you can book your flights, hotels and cruises completely online if you choose, knowing that we’re always at the end of the phone here in Brisbane should you need us. 

The Starts at 60 Marketplace is a new addition to Starts at 60 and it does two important things:

We constantly update our ecommerce marketplace, that will only get better and better with time and as the number of shoppers keep growing. We work with exciting vendors, ranging from beloved Australian names such as Maggie Beer to boutique retailers of products you’d never have discovered otherwise, to bring you items designed to improvise your life in some way: fashion, healthy ageing products, vitamins and supplements, skincare and beauty, gorgeous Christmas gift ideas, retirement-related books and so much more. 

And Insuranceat60.com speaks for itself.  We’ve started with a terrific car insurance option and we’re just about to launch a range of home and contents insurance, so watch this space or pop on over to insuranceat60.com to find out more.  


Become a Starts at 60 Member now.

Starts at 60 Members get a whole lot more value here. It’s free to join and you’ll get:

  • Exclusive emailers with the latest news and leading insights from retirement experts
  • Free online Retirement Masterclasses and other events
  • Amazing deals on tours, cruises, and community holidays from Travel at 60
  • And *new* an ecommerce marketplace just for over 60s with exclusive member offers

What are you waiting for?

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