Video showing correct way to peel a carrot sends Internet into a frenzy

Apr 26, 2020
People described the simple peeling method as "game-changing". Source: Getty.

Peeling vegetables is one of those everyday tasks that just can’t be avoided, but now it seems that many people may have been doing it wrong all along as a new video has revealed the correct way to use a hand peeler.

The video was shared on forum website Reddit this week and shows a British man demonstrating the easiest – and quickest – way to peel an entire carrot. His secret? Using both sides of the blade.

The man starts by running the vegetable peeler down one side of the carrot. But then, instead of pulling the peeler away and repeating the move, he simply rotates the carrot slightly and pulls the peeler back up.

“Oh my god,” the visibly stunned man in the video says. “I’ve just figured out it does this! Who knew?”

Man has life changing revelation from r/youseeingthisshit

Around 2,000 people have commented on the video with many admitting they can’t believe they have been doing the seemingly straight-forward kitchen task incorrectly their entire lives. While others confessed they thought the double-sided blade was to suit left-handed people.

“I always assumed that the second blade was for left-handed people. “Hm, this carrot peeler has two edges. That one must be for lefties.” Since about 1961. And now I am furious, that NOBODY TOLD ME,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “This literally happened to me the other day when peeling a particularly difficult sweet potato. My life has changed forever.” Another user wrote: “I was just doing this 2 days ago wondering to myself why it had blades in both directions. I thought… and finally concluded it was to support left handed people. God I’m dumb.”

While another said: “I still only peel in one direction: away from my hand. Call me crazy, but peelers are sharp.”

However a number of professional chefs also commented on the post, expressing their disbelief at people using the popular utensils incorrectly. One wrote: “This is one of my pet peeves! Even chefs don’t know how to use these and complain about them. I mean why would it have a two directional blade? You know it’s not for left handed people.”

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Do you peel carrots this way?

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