Discover the 7 surprising ways Vaseline can enhance your health and beauty routine

Oct 27, 2023
Vaseline can be used to treat a number of ailments. Source: Getty.

It’s quite likely that you have a trusty jar of Vaseline tucked away somewhere in your household. Interestingly, Vaseline proves to be an incredibly versatile beauty and health product, offering a plethora of applications beyond its typical association with alleviating chapped lips.

This multipurpose wonder can be harnessed to address a wide array of ailments and presents numerous advantages for your skin and overall well-being. Its benefits extend from the realm of softening dry and cracked feet to soothing the discomfort of sunburn. Below, we explore some of the unexpected and remarkable ways in which this product can be utilised.

Tame unruly eyebrows

In between beauty appointments? Dab a little Vaseline on each brow and brush through with a brow brush. This will keep any unruly hairs in place.

Moisturise dry skin

Suffer from dry skin? Lather a generous amount all over. For people with normal skin, apply a small amount to any rough patches of skin, particularly hands, elbows and knees. You can increase Vaseline’s moisturising effects by applying it when your skin is still damp.

Soften cuticles

If you’re a fan of keeping your nails in good condition, a tub of Vaseline will go a long way. Rubbing a small amount of Vaseline onto your fingers can help moisten the cuticles and soften the skin around your nail — perfect if you plan to do a DIY manicure.

Remove stubborn eye makeup

Vaseline can easily remove eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. Not only is it a more affordable option, it will also moisturise your skin at the same time. Dip a cotton swab into Vaseline and swipe it over your eye makeup.

Soften dry, cracked heels

Do you suffer from dry or cracked heels? When you’re constantly on your feet throughout the day, it’s easy for the skin around your heels to become thick and dry. Rub a generous amount of Vaseline into your heels before bed, put on cotton socks, and leave on overnight. The Vaseline will help to get your heels silky smooth.

Condition your hair

Just like it can help moisten your skin, the home-favourite can also condition your hair. For healthier looking locks, apply a tiny amount of Vaseline onto your hair, gently massage it in and leave on overnight. You can also try rubbing a small amount through your ends to hide split ends.

Heal sunburn

While you can’t totally stop peeling from happening, applying a thick layer of Vaseline onto your skin can help keep it well-hydrated and moisturised. Put Vaseline in the fridge for a few minutes before applying — the cold will help soothe the sunburn.

Vaseline is much more than just a lip balm. It’s a versatile product that can help with various beauty and health needs. From managing unruly eyebrows to moisturising your skin, it has a range of practical uses. So, don’t underestimate the power of this common household item; it can make your daily routines a little easier and more comfortable.

IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO This article is of a general nature and FYI only, because it doesn’t take into account your personal health requirements or existing medical conditions. That means it’s not personalised health advice and shouldn’t be relied upon as if it is. Before making a health-related decision, you should work out if the info is appropriate for your situation and get professional medical advice.


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