Fun ways to celebrate your 60th birthday

If you're looking for inspiration to get started on your birthday planning, here's some ideas to consider. Source: Pexels

Turning 60 is definitely a reason to celebrate. A 60th birthday should be something fun, exciting and totally you, but coming up with the best birthday ideas is not always easy!

If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on your birthday planning, here’s some ideas to consider.

Have a themed party

How about a ‘year that you were born’ party? Get everyone to dress up as a person who was well known at that time and make a playlist of all the hit songs from that year! You could also serve food and drinks that were popular in that era and decorate the space with posters of celebrities and big news events that captured the world the year you came into the world.

Go on a bucket list holiday 

Turning 60 is a major milestone that should be celebrated, and what better way to do so than to embark on a memorable holiday. Whether it’s to a quiet retreat or setting sail on a cruise, holidays are a perfect way to celebrate a significant birthday. If you’re really wanting to celebrate with a bang, make it a bucket list holiday and tick off one of the big adventures you’ve always wanted to do.

Throw a dinner party

If a large celebration isn’t your thing, why not have your friends and family over for an intimate dinner party? You could make it stress free, by asking everyone to bring a small dish or dessert. You could also turn your dinner party into a game night — trivia games can be played around the dinner table and are fun for everyone. If you’ve invited guests who don’t know one another, it’s also a great way to start conversation.

Visit a winery 

Treat yourself this birthday with a fantastic wine tour with your friends and family. Australia’s wine industry has grown from a few small plantations to world-renowned and award-winning wineries and now there are more than 60 wine-producing regions to take your pick from nation-wide. Some of the most popular regions include the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Yarra Valley in Victoria, The Barossa Valley in South Australia and Margaret River in Western Australia. You could even stay the night at a lodge overlooking the vineyard or enjoy heaps of other activities nearby like hot air ballooning! 

Host an afternoon tea party

An afternoon tea party is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, plus is a great time to catch up with good friends.The meal often includes savoury, bite-sized sandwiches, scones or biscuits, and sweets, along with plenty of tea of course! When planning a tea party, it’s also important to set the right mood — lots of fresh flowers, charming porcelain tea cups and silverware are a must. Throwing your own afternoon tea party means you can stick to your own budget and select your favourite treats, too!

Get a tattoo 

If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, why not do it for your birthday? Your tattoo might make a connection to a special person, reflect your personal life philosophy or remind you of a place you have visited — the options are endless. A growing number of women and men are using body art as a form of expression, including celebrities. In 2016, renowned actress Judi Dench got her first tattoo for her 81st birthday. She has ‘carpe diem’, which means ‘seize the day’ in Latin, in capital letters on her wrist.

Fundraiser party

If you’re not one for gifts, why not have a fundraiser party? You could ask for donations to your favourite charity instead, or if you’re up for it you could even host an auction! Parties with a purpose make a huge difference and guests will be more than happy to both attend and help a cause. Don’t forget to decorate the party space with design elements that reflect the chosen charity.

Choose an extreme adventure

There’s a growing trend for Baby Boomers to take on wild adventures with their friends and families to celebrate massive milestones. If you love to take risks and enjoy a thrill, choosing an extreme adventure could be a great way to celebrate your birthday! From skydiving, windsurfing to bungee jumping, the options are endless! What are you waiting for?

What do you have planned for your birthday? How did you celebrate your 60th birthday? 

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