Hitting the road: The sure signs you’re an avid grey nomad

There's nothing quite like hitting the open road. Source: Getty

So you’ve got a grey hair or two and you like hopping in your caravan for an extended period of exploring – does that make you a grey nomad? Not necessarily, according to Grey Nomads Australia, which says it’s more of a state of mind than an appearance or habits.

For one, the site says that any shade of hair, or lack thereof, is fine to sport as a grey nomad. Likewise, you don’t have to follow a particular route or time travelling, just have a taste for experiencing changes of food, scenery, seasons, entertainment or other, equally nomadic, people.

To make it easier to identify yourself as a grey nomad, Grey Nomads Australia, offers some sub-categories: the spontaneous, the organised and the high maintenance.

The spontaneous grey nomad:

If you’re the type of traveller “who has no plans, no itinerary and is not even sure of their destination”, you will most likely fall into ‘the spontaneous’ category. According to the site, you will happily live off “home brand two-minute noodles and 30 cent ice creams from McDonald’s”, and live in various free overnight rest areas “simply for the joy of experiencing travelling Australia without restraint, deadlines or boundaries”.

The organised grey nomad

Meanwhile, if you love to plan ahead and have a well-thought out travel itinerary, ‘the organised’ category might be just for you. According to the website: “The organised nomad will arrive at each destination in a cool and non flustered manner knowing their slab and power point is waiting, and they made it in time before the hot water or daylight runs out.” Does this sound like you?

The high maintenance grey nomad:

On the other hand, the ‘high maintenance’ grey nomad takes prepared to a whole new level by bringing with them all the comforts of home, including the espresso machine, television, air conditioning, full barbecue, deck chairs and full-sized fridge, among many other things. But if you’re still not sure if you qualify, there’s a few quick ways to know if your caravanning habit has taken over your life nomad-style.

So, what are the signs caravan and camping-lovers should look out for?

Avida RV, Australia’s number one manufacturer of high quality motorhomes, caravans and campervans, has compiled a list of 14 signs you’re a grey nomad and we’ve picked out our favourite ones.

According to the manufacturer, you can be sure you’re a grey nomad when you run out of something at home, but realise you’ve got a handy spare in the campervan! We all know that feeling… Or how about when other motorhome and campervan motorists give you ‘the wave’ driving past you – it’s safe to say, nothing feels better than this!

You’ve also apparently made the transition “when you look at an item and wonder how much it weighs”, or even when you plan your next journey destination by flipping a coin. After all, life’s all for the living – why spend it planning!

They also claim holding up traffic by doing 80 kilometres in a 110km zone, getting up at 5am just so you can park your motorhome in the best free camp spot, using discarded caravanning stuff in everyday life and thinking inches and feet are an acceptable unit of measurement are all signs you’re an avid grey nomad. Meanwhile, a portable toilet with handles is a dream come true for you and doesn’t even seem to gross you out.

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