Ever wondered what the green dots along highways mean?

Jun 28, 2020
Here's what they mean. Source: Truck Friendly/Facebook.

If you’re an avid caravanner, there’s a good chance you’ve seen reflective green dots on signposts along highways before. But, have you ever wondered what they actually mean? Turns out, these green reflectors were made for like-minded caravan drivers like yourself.

In June, 2020, Truck Friendly, a program that educates caravan drivers about how to be ‘truck friendly’, shared a series of photos to Facebook, explaining these reflective green dots on signposts indicate there’s a safe place to pull over further ahead.

“Need a place to pull over to let faster traffic pass?” the post read at the time. “These green reflectors will help you find a safe place.

“You may have noticed some green reflectors on guideposts beside the road on some highways. These indicate that there is a safe place to pull off the road coming up soon so you can indicate your intentions and be prepared.”

The post said that there are several different types you may come across, explaining that three dots mean there’s a safe place to stop in approximately 500 metres, two dots indicate a place 250 metres ahead and one dot means just before the area. However, the caravanning page warned these parking bays were not for overnight or extended stays, explaining it’s just there to allow others to overtake or stretch your legs.

“They are not everywhere yet, but you may see them on the Burnett Highway in Queensland and some NSW highways,” the post continued. “Not all places are maintained and they are NOT for overnight or extended stays, but just to allow others to overtake or stretch your legs and check your rig. So keep an eye out for them and you will now know what they are there for.”

The page’s followers were grateful for the information, with one writing: “Great information for the next road trip.” Another added: “Thanks, that’s a good heads up.” While a third said these green reflectors “should be in every state of Australia and on every road”.

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