Have you ever wondered what those green dots along the highway mean?

Here's what they mean. Source: Truck Friendly/Facebook.

If you’re an avid caravanner, there’s a good chance you’ve seen reflective green dots on signposts along highways before. But, have you ever wondered what they actually mean? Turns out, these green reflectors were made for like-minded caravan drivers like yourself.

Truck Friendly, a program that educates caravan drivers about how to be ‘truck friendly’, shared a series of photos on Facebook, explaining these reflective green dots on signposts indicate there’s a safe place to pull over further ahead.

Ken Wilson, found of Truck Friendly, shares “Often, we have trucks or other vehicles behind us as we tow our van and want them to overtake but there is no safe place for them to do so.”

These green reflectors will help you find a safe place to pull over to let traffic behind you pass.

“You may have noticed some green reflectors on guideposts beside the road on some highways. These indicate that there is a safe place to pull off the road coming up soon so you can indicate your intentions and be prepared.

“It is not a passing lane but an area off the road to stop.”

The initiative was started by road safety advocate and truck driver, Rod Hannifey, as an aide for truck drivers to find a safe place to pull over if tired or to check the load etc.

“They are now in Queensland, New South Wales and some in Victoria, however, they are growing in numbers” explains Ken.

He explains that three dots mean there’s a safe place to stop in approximately 500 metres, two dots indicate a place 250 metres ahead and one dot means just before the area. However, Trucky Friendly warned these parking bays were not for overnight or extended stays, explaining it’s just there to allow others to overtake safely. and check your rig


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