Revitalise your wilting houseplants with this surprisingly simple hack

Dec 12, 2023
Believe it or not, those leftover banana peels might just be the secret ingredient to nurture and revitalise your beloved plants! Source: Getty Images.

Keeping houseplants alive is no easy feat. It can be frustrating to watch your beloved houseplants die, especially if you’ve spent time and effort looking after them.

There’s some good news though as one savvy mum has revealed how to revive a dying plant — and all you need is some water and an old banana peel.

Australian blogger Kate Freebairn, who runs the Facebook page ‘The Pantry Mama’, says you can easily give your indoor plants a boost by popping the leftover banana peel into a jar of water and leaving for 24 hours. Then feed the banana infused water to your plants. The reason why the trick works is that banana peels contain nutrients like potassium and calcium that are essential for healthy potted plants.

“Hands up if you love indoor plants?” she captioned the post.

“Here’s an easy way to give them a boost! Pop a banana skin in a jar of water. Leave for 24 hours and then feed water to your plants (skin can go in the compost). My plants are so lush and green.”

When asked how often you should do this, the mum replied with: “Every few weeks is okay. I have over 50 plants so I just make a batch every time someone eats a banana and then I pop the water into whichever plant needs a drink.”

The group’s other followers praised the mum for her nifty tip, with one person commenting: “Going to give this a try.” Another added they also use the banana peel to wipe the dust off indoor plants, saying: “Love this! I also use the peel to wipe the dust off indoor plant leaves.” While a third wrote: “Thanks for the tip.”

It comes after the mum shared a list of simple tips that transform a packet mix cake to a tastier homemade version. “Got a packet cake mix in the pantry — try these tips,” she captioned the post.

To get started, the mum recommends adding two extra eggs to the mix. The additional eggs add more fat to the batter, helping to create a sweeter, moister cake.

While most packet cake mixes call for oil, the woman advises replacing oil with melted butter and doubling the amount instead. Why? Butter gives lots of flavour and it will also give the cake a firmer, denser texture. She also recommends replacing the water with an equal amount of milk for extra creaminess. Her last tip is to mix and bake according to package directions — and voila, you’ve got yourself a cheat’s homemade cake!

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