Expert gardener shares game-changing tips to keep your treasured herb garden thriving

Mar 05, 2024
Tired of watching your supermarket herbs wither away? One expert gardener has shared the secret to herb success. Source: Getty Images.

For many of us, the allure of cultivating our own herbs at home is undeniable. However, the struggle of keeping these green companions alive often leaves us scratching our heads.

Fear not, fellow gardeners, for Joe, the genius behind @joesgarden.official on Instagram, has emerged as the green thumb saviour with hacks to ensure your herb garden flourishes effortlessly.

The man behind the Instagram page @joesgarden.official, explained in an Instagram reel that potted supermarket herbs often have multiple plants in the one tiny pot and because of this they aren’t getting what they need to survive.

“I am showing you how to keep small potted plants, especially supermarket herbs alive. I’m pretty sure we have all bought fresh herbs from the supermarket, only for them to die a few weeks later,” he began.

“This might make you think you are doing something wrong, but often it has nothing to do with you, but much rather, it’s to do with how they are sold.

“A lot of plants bought at garden centres, nurseries and supermarkets are often grown and sold in tiny pots with bad quality compost, but more importantly there is another massive issue.

“They often sow multiple plants in one small pot, meaning they are fighting for nutrients, moisture and light. Instead I recommend removing from this tiny pot and spent soil and then gently separating the plants and repotting in their own pot. Not only will this help your plant survive, you will also end up with bonus free plants!”


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The straightforward gardening advice resonated with green thumbs looking for practical solutions to keep their herb garden thriving.

“Thank you for that .. it happens to me all the time and I couldn’t understand why! Great tips here!” one wrote in response.

“I need to start doing this!”

“Thank you for your expert advice,” commented another.

“Fabulous idea and something I’ve never done with herbs.”

The positive response from fellow gardeners reflects the gratitude for Joe’s expert guidance in turning the struggle of maintaining herbs into a rewarding and successful endeavour.

As we implement these newfound techniques, our herb gardens are bound to transform into vibrant and resilient havens, thanks to Joe’s gardening wisdom.

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