Stop scrubbing! Get a sparkling clean shower screen with this handy $2 tool

Jun 18, 2020
Get your shower screen looking good as new again! Source: Getty.

Anyone who loves to clean knows that the layer of gunk and grime that builds up on the shower screen can be one of the most impossible tasks to tackle around the house. And often, not even a cocktail of cleaning products and a whole lot of scrubbing will even make a dent in lifting and removing set-in shower residue.

But one Melbourne mum thinks she may have found a solution – and it involves no harsh scrubbing or chemicals! In fact, the small tool is sold at Bunnings for the low price of just $1.99.

Amanda from Melbourne posted in the popular ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group and shared her success in using a window scraper to actually scrape the shower scum off the glass screen. Not only does it leave your shower sparkling clean, but she also assured fellow mums that it wouldn’t leave any scratches on the glass.

“Since a lot of you ask about help to clean a shower! I thought I’d share a tool I found at Bunnings in the cleaning section!” the post read. “I use no cleaning products with this and it’s super easy to use! And no, it doesn’t scratch the glass”.

Source: Facebook/ Mums Who Clean.

Rather than actually cleaning the screen with a whole lot of elbow grease – the small razor can be carefully pushed along to easily remove any unwanted scum. The super simple tool is available at hardware giant Bunnings with prices starting at just $1.99, however you can also get variations of the blade-tool online for around about the same price.

Other members of the page were shocked at the results with one saying: “I have one. Has many uses around the house. Love it”. While another said: “Back to the old ways, sometimes they are the best”.

Meanwhile, other commenters were quick to agree with the method saying they had often used it on their glass or ceramic cooktops but never thought to transfer its skills to their shower screens. One said: “I use this on my cook top, gets all the stubborn marks off”, while another echoed: “I use one of these to clean my oven and glass cooktop. Never scratched it and it does an amazing job”.

Have you tried using this method before? Will you give it a go?

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