The secret to sparkling silverware and spotless dishes revealed

Apr 11, 2024
These super simple cleaning hacks will blow your mind, and make life much easier. Source: Getty Images.

Cleaning can quickly become the bane of our existence, especially when it comes to baked-on food, tarnished silverware, and pesky shower soap scum. Thankfully, the internet and a group of nifty people have discovered some strange, yet incredibly effective hacks to make these joyless tasks a little easier.

Sparkling silverware

The dishwasher could be up there as our most appreciated kitchen appliance, but there’s nothing more annoying than having to rewash dirty, tarnished cutlery and still not getting it sparkling. Luckily Aussie mum, Carolina Mccauley has discovered an odd way to ensure sparkling silverware every time.

Sharing her effective cleaning hack on TikTok, Mccauley first shows a bunch of spoons that look a little scratched and roughed up. The mum then shows herself scrunching a sheet of aluminium foil into a ball and placing it in the dishwasher along with the spoons.

Yup. This hack is just that simple. All you need to do is roll some tin foil into a ball and place it into the cutlery holder of your dishwasher. Wash the load as usual and as you’ll see in the video – the results speak for themselves!

The video, which has been watched over 123,000 times, and received over 18,000 likes on her Instagram was flooded with comments from completely mind-blown users.

One person commented in disbelief, writing “What sort of Sorcery is this?”

While another commented on the TikTok video saying “Why does my brain think it’s not okay to put aluminium foil inside appliances because of the microwave.”

The “sorcery” behind the hack is quite simple, with foil often used to remove rust or polish chrome. The handy staple can also be used to clean oven racks.

Dry dishes

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as pulling a load of clean dishes from the dishwasher only to discover they’re still soaking wet, and covered in water spots.

Luckily for us, another Aussie mum has a hack that solves this – and may even encourage the significant other to empty the dishwasher.

Kat, who posts her incredible cleaning hacks on The Organised Housewife Instagram account, shared a nifty and super easy trick to ensure your dishes are dry every single time.

All you need to do is place a tea towel over the dishwasher door and close it. The towel soaks up any extra moisture after the cycle, leaving your dishes completely dry.

The video has attracted thousands of likes and comments with users loving the simplicity of the hack.

“Also a handy reminder for hubby to empty it,” wrote one woman.

While another said, “Whaaat..mind blown. My hubby just likes to leave it wide open in the middle of the kitchen to dry.”

Dryer sheet to clean dirty dishes and soap scum

It appears dryer sheets (those, kind of unnecessary, things you pop in the dryer to remove static and make your laundry softer), actually have some – perhaps more useful – uses.

If you soak a non-toxic dryer sheet in a dirty pan or dish along with some hot water, the sheets will actually help remove any baked-on foods, without the elbow grease. Not only does it work better than a scourer, but it’s also better for your pots and pans.

These sheets are also incredible at getting rid of that seemingly impenetrable soap scum. All you need to do is dampen a sheet (or two) and wipe over the surface for sparkling shower screens.

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