6 ways you can use nail polish around the house

If you’re a woman who loves to paint her nails, then no doubt you’ll have a stash of nail polishes buried in your bathroom cupboard or beauty box.

There’s likely to be colours you’ll never wear again, or bottles that are too close to empty to do a full set of nails.

Instead of hoarding them, or tossing them, you can actually use nail polish around the house.

From protecting metal from rust to colour-coding your keys, here are six ways you can use nail polish at home.


1. Seal an envelope

If you still like sending letters in the post, then you’ll know all too well the pain of trying to seal an envelope. Next time, instead of licking the envelope, use nail polish to seal it. All you need to do is apply a little bit of nail polish and press the envelope shut firmly.


2. Thread a needle

If you love sewing, you’ll understand the frustration of trying to thread a needle. Sometimes no matter how much you lick the end of the thread, you just can’t make it work. Next time you try to thread a needle, dip the end of the thread in a little bit of nail polish – it’ll be much easier to thread!


3. Protect metal from rust

Do you get those annoying rust rings on your cabinets or tiles from metal cans such as shaving cream? Well, nail polish can help you put a stop to that. Just apply a thin layer of nail polish around the bottom of the can. It doesn’t just work on metal cans. You can also try coating damaged areas of your car with nail polish to keep rust at bay. In fact, you can coat just about any metal around your home with nail polish to stop it from rusting.


4. Colour code your keys

Are you always fumbling with keys to find the right one for your front door? Try colour coding them to make your keys easily identifiable. All you need to do is apply a little bit of coloured nail polish to the end of they key you hold.


5. Tighten your screws

If you want your screws to be extra tight, coat them in nail polish. Once you set the screw, let the nail polish dry before you continue. Your screw should have an extra strength hold.


6. Stop laces, rope and string from unravelling

Forget the old trick of burning both ends of rope or string to stop it from fraying. Use nail polish instead! All you need to do is coat the end in nail polish and your shoe laces, rope and string will be less likely to fray.


Have you tried any of these tricks before? How many bottles of nail polish do you have stashed at home?

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