The year’s first eclipse coupled with full worm moon in Libra: Shakeups for relationships & avoid cosmetic surgery

Mar 24, 2024
Source: Supplied.

The March full moon is almost here (March 25th ), and it will pack more punch than usual on the relationship front, as it’s coupled with a lunar eclipse – all in the star sign of love, Libra.

Leading Australian intuitive astrologer and spiritualist Rose Smith warns relationship shakeups may be on the cards, because of the love combination between star sign Libra and the eclipse.

“With the full Worm moon being in Libra, relationships issues will be forefront for many people… but combine that with a lunar eclipse there will be a shakeup of some kind,” said Ms Smith.

“It’s time to look and see if there are any worms eating away at your relationship?”

Ms Smith, who also runs the largest psychic network based in the southern hemisphere Absolute Soul Secrets, said an ending, a transformation or a new beginning may be imminent.

“It’s not necessarily that a relationship itself will end, but a culmination or a peak (the eclipse) with situations leading up to finalisations and conclusions,” said Ms Smith.

“Libra is in love with the idea of love, emotions may run high, but there is a natural desire to find common ground.”

“Librans also like to talk, so you can expect some long conversations which are thoughtful, considered and intelligent.”

Libra is also the sign of the scales, so during the full moon you may feel a pull towards life balance and resolving any conflicts.

“Librans do generally have issues with decisiveness though, like to avoid confrontation and tend to compromise too much,” said Ms Smith.

“So all-in-all, it will be an interesting time when it comes to our love lives!”

Ms Smith said the full moon in Libra also meant people may feel a need to beautify surroundings, as the Venus-ruled sign is known for its beauty sense.

“It’s a good time on the home front to renovate or focus on interior decorating, but be wary of overspending,” said Ms Smith.

“Again, this work will peak because of the lunar eclipse – so when it comes to renovations, they may reach a climax and you will want to get most done at the time of the full moon, but this could also cause frustration if you are hindered in your goals.”

Ms Smith said the eclipse is a penumbral lunar eclipse which occurs when the moon moves through the earth’s faint, outer shadow – called the penumbra.

It will be visible in the eastern half of Australia.

“Penumbral lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon and can be subtle and often visually difficult to distinguish,” said Ms Smith.

“But this doesn’t matter as it affects everybody spiritually anyway even if you don’t notice anything much physically happening.”

“It’s a great time to tap into this side of life. Lunar eclipses relate to the feminine, so it will be a time for ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.”

“Eclipses signify transformation and growth, so it’s important to approach this time with an open mind and an openness to embrace change.”

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac, and a cardinal air sign. Libra is opposite Aries, so Arians might find some extra difficulties this lunar eclipse.

Ms Smith said while everyone will be affected by its influence over the full moon, other cardinal signs Aries, Cancer and Capricorn and air signs Gemini and Aquarius will likely feel its intensity the most.

“Your star sign mode is important because astrology is based on the seasons. Cardinal signs mark the beginning of seasons, followed by fixed signs in the middle and mutable signs at the end,” said Ms Smith.

“It’s a time to be more meditative and with Autumn Equinox also on March 20th, it’s a good reminder to live your life with the seasons, it’s a guide for what we should be doing.”

The Autumn equinox signifies the end of summer and preparation for winter, it is a time when night and day will be in perfect balance with the same duration for both.

“The Autumn Equinox will help us do this, having an equal amount of day and night hours.”

“You may be called to change your mind, or something needs tweaking to get the best out of a situation.”

Ms Smith also said because Mars was moving into Pisces on March 22nd and 23rd , accidents could occur – particularly involving sharp things, so be careful if needing to pick up glass shards. She said it also isn’t advisable to consider cosmetic surgery during this time.

“The lunar eclipse in Libra may influence people to want to improve their appearance – it’s not the best time to do so as Mars is in Pisces,” said Ms Smith.

“Mars can be about knives and surgery. Mars is forceful, and engaging a practitioner or doctor quickly without much thought is not advised. Blunt force can’t be good energy for an operation.”

This month’s full moon is known in the northern hemisphere as the Worm Moon because it’s a time when earth worm casts appear as the earth begins to thaw after winter.

In the southern hemisphere where we are moving into the colder months, and Ms Smith said people should reassess their medications and diet for Winter.

“Particularly people with thyroid problems… they could see their doctor because they may need more thyroid medication or iodine, particularly post-menopausal women,” said Ms Smith.

When can you see this month’s full moon in Libra and the penumbral eclipse? The moon will be reaching its peak at 4.30 pm AEST on Monday, March 25th, but will be most visible in the night sky. The penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible for an hour-and-a-half between 7.02 pm AEST and 8.32 pm.

Here are Ms Smith’s full moon eclipse horoscopes:

Aries (March 21 to April 19): This Libra Lunar Eclipse can go two ways for you – either there’s intense feelings of love, warmth, and affection or the possibility of arguments arises. You’re now being called to look into any unconscious energies you may have around relationships. Be careful about what comes out of your mouth to your significant other if you have one. If you’re single, you might be weighing up the benefits of singledom such as the freedom to do your own thing versus the security and love of important relationships.

Legalities and frenemies might also be on your agenda. Under this Libra full moon, Aries’ passions ignite. Beneath Libra’s balanced beam, harmony lights. In the dance of stars on this full moon night, Aries roars, Libra weaves a cosmic delight.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Your daily work or health and wellbeing could be calling you right now. There are things to attend to, so no dilly dallying. This Libra Lunar Eclipse may culminate in opportunities for warmth and affection in your daily life which could run more smoothly with grace and elegance. If relationships are stressful, you may find some ease in the coming weeks which will help with stress levels.

It’s a great time to reach out to long lost friends and associates to show that you care. Harmony and compromise is the name of the game, but don’t go overboard – stay grounded. In the glow of Libra’s balanced grace, Taurus finds comfort, a steady embrace. Beneath the full moon’s luminous face, harmony blooms in this celestial space.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20): It’s time for some fun! Get out there with friends and socialise a bit now. Your creativity could also be on fire, and you appreciate beauty more than usual. Colours, harmonious patterns and the world of the child are closer. You may be dealing more with children, or you become more childlike yourself. This is a good thing as you open yourself up to new experiences and delights. But do go easy on the chocolate! Romance could be on your mind too as you look for more sweetness in life. Your curiosity is piqued along with your inclination towards self- expression and playfulness.

Beneath Libra’s moon, Gemini’s mind takes flight, twinkling thoughts dance in the gentle night. In the symphony of stars, there’s twin’s delight. On this full moon, your intellect shines bright.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22): You likely have strong attachments to home and family, especially now. So, it’s a great time to stay close to home and tend to personal matters. Your close relationships also become more important than usual. Time alone to think about things could also help and you may become aware of familial energetic patterns that no longer suit who you are becoming. Neptune opposite brings flashes of intuition about how you can expand your life even if you feel constrained by responsibilities. You need more out of life so find the balance between home, family and adventurous growth. Beneath

Libra’s moon, Cancer’s emotions flow, in soft, silvery beams, they find comfort’s glow. With tender hearts, you let your feelings show. On this full moon, love’s gentle currents gradually grow.

Leo (July 23 to August 22): This Libra Lunar Eclipse can bring up seemingly opposite desires to want more local community versus travel and personal growth. However, it seems restrictive challenges continue to pull you back down to Earth. Part of this may involve emotional communications which don’t always meet the facts. Then bingo, you are faced with reality once again. Making decisions based on feelings rather than on logic also has a place providing you balance with logic at the appropriate time. You may have contact with distant relatives now, marketing and promotion is possibly on your agenda as well.

Study would benefit too. Under Libra’s moon, Leo’s spirit shines bright. In majestic glow, you command the night. With regal grace, you dazzle with might. On this full moon, your presence ignites.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22): It’s time to ask yourself if you have been overspending? This Libra Lunar Eclipse could influence to buy beautiful things and if you can afford it, then all is fine. In any event, there is some kind of financial shakeup or shakedown. It’s your money, so take control! Your possessions or even your belief systems about what you value could also come into play here. Maybe look at your values about yourself too? It’s a good time for compromise in matters of money, just don’t go too overboard as you deal out the cash. Beneath Libra’s moon, Virgo’s mind is keen.

In the soft lunar glow, your perfection needs are seen. With analytical eye, you seek the unseen. On this full moon, wisdom’s light beams serene.

Libra (September 23 to October 22): This Lunar Eclipse in your sign blesses you with an abundance of compromise which can help in difficult situations. Of course, do be careful you don’t over compromise for the sake of finding harmony and peace. The world sees your sensitivity, grace and beautiful spirit more than usual now. You could also pay special attention to beautifying your appearance… buy beautiful new clothes, new makeup, hair etc. It’s all about getting your message out in a peaceful and elegant manner.

Find the balance between amplifying your message and listening to others. Under Libra’s moon, Libra’s scales align. In harmony’s embrace, you gracefully shine. Balanced in light, your aura is divine. On this full moon, unity’s design intertwines.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): Still waters run deep and don’t you know it! You may need some time out from the world to look within now. You may lose interest in daily demands and want to run away somewhere by yourself. Go out into nature, walk, swim or ride a bike. Watch your dreams and the little daytime thoughts that flash across your ‘sky of mind’… for these are little messages from Spirit for you. Your intuition could also increase so trust it! Charity might be on your mind or perhaps you have some involvement with hospitals, prisons or institutions of some kind.

Beneath Libra’s moon, Scorpio’s depth unfurls in shadows and secrets, mystery swirls. With passion ablaze, you navigate the twirls and on this full moon, your intensity whirls.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Savvy Sag this eclipse calls you to socialise with friends, groups and beautiful people! You may be feeling particularly magnanimous and why not, you’re ruled by Jupiter! Whilst compromise with grace and forgiveness are sometimes helpful, don’t overdo it! Sometimes it is necessary to let go of past connections so you can allow space for new people to enter your life. Your hopes and dreams also feature strongly now, so focus on these – you might be surprised at how much you can achieve. Beneath Libra’s moon, Sagittarius roams free in quest for truth and adventure’s decree. With arrows aimed high, you can chase destiny. On this full moon, your boundless spirit and adventure we see.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19): Some sort of shakeup could occur in your career or family on account of this Libra lunar eclipse. Whilst career is important, so is your family and personal life. Find the balance now between both… it’s only fair. You are not just a machine who works or focuses on social media. Do be careful how much you share online as your life becomes ‘more public’ in some way. You also work well with the public now. Authority figures such as employers or parents could notice you now as these relationships come into focus. Under Libra’s moon, Capricorn stands tall in disciplined stride, you heed ambition’s call. With patient resolve, you conquer every wall. On this full moon, success echoes and you have a ball!

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18): This airy Libran eclipse increases your energy for long thoughtful communications. Ah intelligent people give you fuel! It’s a fab time to think about travel and other ways you can grow your life. There might be a little shakeup first though… maybe you need this to jolt to get you out of a rut! Think about ways you can expand your life, perhaps spirituality or education might be the ticket! Philosophical thinking and the need to make contact with your ‘higher mind’ might also be in your cards. ‘Blue sky thinking’ where the sky is the limit is on offer now, will you grab the opportunities that your mind presents? Beneath Libra’s moon, Aquarius takes flight. In visionary dreams, you seek insight. With innovation’s spark, you can shine bright. On this full moon, humanity’s future ignites.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20): You may hear of deep and intense secrets… are they your own? Perhaps your joint financial situation might need some care… investments, real estate, taxes, inheritances, or loans? This Libran lunar eclipse could shake these up or perhaps even influence you to overspend. Professional financial advice might be called for before you make important decisions. It’s also a time when intimacy, vulnerability or the close personal energy you share with another features strongly. Are you getting everything you need concerning intimate moments with another? Or perhaps there’s no intimacy on offer? So, is it time to do something? Sometimes it’s hard to trust again especially when emotional pain blocks your path. Under Libra’s moon, Pisces dreams take flight. In ethereal glow, dreams weave tales at night. With compassionate hearts, they heal and ignite. On this eclipse, love’s magic can alight.

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