The surprising perks that can come with being an empty nester revealed

Jan 17, 2024
One empty nester joyfully shared that their sex life saw a significant boost once their adult children left home. Source: Getty Images.

Reaching the stage in life where you become an empty nester is a significant milestone for baby boomers, however, it can also bring with it a gamut of emotions.

On the one hand, there can be a sense of pride as the kids venture out into the world, but on the other hand, the sudden lack of daily interaction after so many years of sharing a home can be a challenging adjustment.

Despite the mixed emotions, research released by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency indicated that a majority of baby boomers are actually embracing the new-found freedom by spending more time on their own hobbies and interests.

More than half of seniors reported feeling happy after their children moved out, while a slightly smaller proportion of 41.1 per cent said they were sad about the development.

Given that the majority of empty nesters seemingly embrace their kids flying the coop, one Reddit user was curious as to what the unexpected joys of becoming an empty nester entailed.

Taking to the forum one user asked “what have you been pleasantly surprised about since your kids are gone?”

For many, the departure of their cherished children opened up a world of possibilities, granting them more free time to pursue personal interests, a reduction in expenses, and a more relaxed daily schedule.

One respondent joyfully shared that their sex life saw a significant boost once their adult children left home, exclaiming, “Sex in every room is back on the menu!”

Another individual, aged over 60, found themselves with newfound time and energy to indulge in neglected hobbies. “I am suddenly picking up hobbies I haven’t had the energy for in years,” they expressed.

While the task of daily laundry became notably easier for one person, they did admit to missing the occasional chaos, saying, “No more mountains of laundry. No more searching for cups under the sofa. But I miss the chaos sometimes.”

Unexpectedly, a reduction in paper towel usage became a reality for one couple who now had the house to themselves. “Among other things, our paper towel use is a tiny fraction of what it was before my daughter moved out! I had no idea she used so many, lol,” they shared.

The advantages of an empty nest extended beyond practical matters, as expressed by one respondent: “Other advantages: one fewer person to plan dinner around; more sexual spontaneity; a room for my BFF to stay in when she visits; lower costs on utilities, groceries, sundries; naps in the living room are possible again; lots more. I miss the child, but there are definitely lots of advantages. Most of it wasn’t totally surprising, but the size of increase in the quality of life was unexpected.”

Another empty nester found that grocery shopping became “easier” and that their “food lasts a lot longer.”

In a sentiment shared by one commenter, newfound freedom was likened to “a second honeymoon,” providing them and their spouse with “much more time for fun.”

Although becoming an empty nester can be an emotional journey, as indicated above, it can also come with many unexpected and pleasant surprises.

For many, it can be a time of rediscovery and self-care. With the newfound freedom, you can pursue hobbies, travel, and spend quality time with your partner. It can also be a time to strengthen relationships with grown children, as they embark on their own journeys in life.

Ultimately, the empty nest experience is a chance to embrace new beginnings and create memories that will last a lifetime.



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