The unexpected bathroom item you should avoid to achieve a spotless shower

Cleaning the shower would be easier by avoiding one bathroom essential. Source: Getty Images.

Let’s just admit it. We clean the bathrooms regularly but tackling the inside of the shower is more a bi-monthly or monthly job. The problem is, the soap scum builds up quickly so wouldn’t it be nice just to avoid the whole cloudy problem altogether?

Well yes, says the founder of I Tidy Homes Cleaning Service, Elisha. Taking to Tik Tok recently she shared her very easy hack to keep the glass screens of your shower crystal clear for longer.

She simply recommends ditching the bar of soap completely.

“People often ask me what would be my number one tip to keep the shower screens nice and clean?” she explained.

“I would definitely recommend steering clear of the good old soap bar.”

@itidyhomes My number 1 tip to keeping shower screens clean Stear clear of soap bars and opt for a body wash instead and always rinse excess shampoo and body products from the walls and screens before getting out. This will go a long way! For the soap bar lovers, at least pop the bar into a soap container If you want to get really fancy, you could also squeegee the glass  Or you can just call me  #showerclean #cleaningtip ##createyourdreamlife #brisbanebusiness #housekeeper #housekeeping #letsclean #tidyhomes #watchmeclean #CleanTok #cleaningtiktok #cleaningtips #ilovecleaning ♬ original sound – Elisha

Elisha says that contrary to popular belief, soap bars actually do more harm than good to the shower as the soap scum builds up and becomes difficult to keep clean especially if left for longer periods.

She admits that it will be a bitter pill to swallow as soap bars are a common cleaning staple.

“Yes I know a few people are going to be devastated hearing this,” she said.

“But it does no good for your showers, it just builds up over everything it touches from the floors to the walls and everything in between.”

Elisha also claims that soap bars are not good for your skin either. In its place, she recommends using body wash.

In keeping with shower glass, another home cleaning guru, Anita Burgess, suggests using shaving foam to remove the soap scum build up from shower screens.

According to Burgess, spraying shaving foam over the door and giving it a good scrub will remove any smears and also leave a protective layer on the door which will help prevent fogging and limescale.

Once scrubbed, a quick wipe over with a microfiber cloth should reveal a shiny new glass door.

Another foolproof way to ensure your shower glass sparkles is by using exfoliating gloves said Aussie mum Tara Lee when she shared her handy tip on the “Mums Who Clean” Facebook group.

“You spray or wipe down your shower with whatever cleaning products you use (I personally like to use Jif), let it sit for five minutes and then scrub with these bad boys! Tried it once and never turned back,” she explained.




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