The best flats for summer – great sandals at budget buster prices!

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It’s time to break out the sandals as summer is fast approaching – and that means it’s also time to take stock of your shoe situation, especially as it it looks like this summer is going to be a warm one.

Ensuring you have the right summer shoes is important for your foot health too. If you’ve got one of the common foot issues that tend to strike as we get older, such as bunions or plantar fasciitis, choosing a pair of supportive yet not-too-rigid flat shoes is a must have in the summer wardrobe.

We know that in the current environment, though, it’s not ideal to spend too much time lingering around the shops, trying on pair after pair. That’s the case whether you love shoe shopping or loathe it.

That’s why we’ve searched for five pairs of flat shoes to keep you covered this summer, all available for less than $50.

Relax at home in utter comfort

Durable, thick foam soles– it doesn’t get any better than these slippers! Source: Supplied

OK, so you may never actually go out if it means taking these off! Soft and comfortable, these shoes have an open toe design. Designed with a concave sole, it protects your toes from kicks to table legs or door sills.

Made from a durable, breathable material, the slipper is perfect for any age – so keep your eye on these ones, or they may ‘walk’!

Get your exercise done in subtle style

Enjoy long walks with Slingback orthopaedic slide support sports knit sandals. Source: Provided

These shoes really are as comfortable as they look. The breathable mesh upper helps prevent your feet sweating no matter how quick your pace. And for the style sticklers, the colour choices means you can buy a pair to suit your wardrobe – or buy a few!

The lightweight design has molded footbed and non-slip grip for maximum support and comfort. If you accidentally get mud or dirt on them, they are easy to clean.

The best part? They’re surprisingly affordable, with prices starting from $22.50

Smart casual for daytime duties

Perfect for everyday wear during the warm weather seasons. Source: Provided

Just because we would like to be comfortable doesn’t mean that looking presentable is off the agenda. These comfortable Orthotic flat sandals have ergonomic soles and a three-foot arch support design and soft soles to make your feet comfortable and healthy.

The memory foam sole absorbs impact of walking, making them practical for days when you’ve got plenty to get done. Prices start from $14.20.

Cute colour for comfy socialising

With a splash of colour, these walking shoes are comfortable and excellent value for money. Source: Provided

What girl can resist a pair of ruby slippers? OK, they don’t have the glitter or heels of Dorothy’s but for socialising without your shoes pinching or rubbing, these flats are a great option. With arch support for maximum comfort, these Swezida walking shoes won’t squeeze your toes or strain your arches.

These flats are also a good choice if you like soft material against your feet. Prices start from $45.97.

Celebrating an event in style

Unique design gives a nice lift to any look and are perfect for dressing up a day or night outfit. Source: Provided

These beautiful slip-on sandals look are a great addition to the wardrobe to elevate jeans and plain dresses or skirts to dress up for dinner or drinks.  Be prepared to tell your friends where you bought them as the unique detailing will be admired.

From just $22, these shoes are non-slip, lightweight, breathable and easy to wear.

Hot tip – shoe drying hangable rack – doubles as a space-saving shoe storage option

Air out your shoes with this nifty solution – saves space and lets your shoes breathe. Source: Provided

With all the forecast wet weather, we found this perfect hangable shoe rack for those days where you get your feet damp. With 360 degree rotatable hook, this hanging device keeps the air flowing around your shoes as they dry.  Buy one to hang one pair or with the easy, stackable design, buy multiple and save space in your entry area, wardrobe or under the house!

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