Comfortable, stylish, affordable: The best activewear for women over 60

May 30, 2021

In an industry that largely ignores the needs and wants of the over-60s, it’s refreshing to see the number of older women extending their interest what they wear to the range of clothes that support their desires to maintain health and fitness. If you thought your day of tights, spandex and leg warmers were over, think again!

However, when it comes to workout and leisure attire for older women, there’s much importance to be placed on making the right choices.

Peer into any Pilates or exercise class during today and you’ll find them busy with older women who understand the importance of staying fit and being social.  Walk along any beach-front path and see them striding purposefully in charge of their own health.  Heck! Even when you’ve got knitting needles, crochet hooks or Mah Jong tiles in hand, you want to be comfortable!

Finally, there are companies listening to your calls for a better quality of activewear, ones designed for the ‘more mature’ body.

Wearing the right clothes is essential for any workout. You want comfort, you want style and you want it at the right price!

We take a look at what makes an ideal sports crop and the best leggings for a mature body, and show you a growing range of products getting excellent reviews.

The most functional crop for mature bodies

The first item you’ll want to invest in is a well-fitting crop. A good crop has all the functionality of a shelf bra built-in, saving you from having to double up with a bra underneath to get the hold you need.

A longer-line sports crop with wide shoulder straps and wider than average sides is practical and comfortable, holding the bust firm for your exercise without uncomfortable force.

You should look for the right amount of support from your sports crop. A quality product will be made from polyester/elastane high-performance compression fabric so it offers strong support while being flexible. It holds everything in place — protecting your delicate breast tissues from being overstretched while performing heavy movements — and it lasts longer.

The best leggings for over-60s

If you’re shopping for activewear that covers your lower-half, it makes sense to invest in quality fabrics that are sturdy. A well-made pair of leggings will last longer and be easier to take care of. Quality leggings will also stay in place comfortably on your body and give you smooth lines in all the right places.

When it comes to women over 60, our list of must-have features for leggings includes:

  • a high waistband for full coverage of the mid-section
  • slimline pockets for convenience of carrying a smartphone, cash or keys
  • flat-locked seams and comfort gusset so there’s no irritation of the skin in your more sensitive regions
  • firm compression fit so they stay in place all day — no rolling down from the top!
  • 8-way stretch so you can move easily and breathe comfortably
  • opaque ‘squat protection’ so your leggings don’t go see-through on the bottom as you bend over (we’ve all seen that before)
  • a selection of options for length so you can dress for the season — full length in winter, shorter in spring and summer
  • size options made specifically for larger ladies that have been carefully designed to fit correctly rather than simply being larger in all zones.

One important feature to draw your attention to is pockets.  We believe pockets on leggings are essential for those who ‘go outdoors’.  It means you don’t have to wear one of those loathsome ‘bum bags’ or carry a backpack, and can instead pop your keys, phone, bank card and even your dog poop bags into your leggings and go for a walk, hands-free.

If you’re shopping for the best leggings for someone over 60, the essential, must-have colour is black. Then we look at the length options. This range by Active Truth has been handpicked as our favourite on the Starts at 60 Marketplace. Take a look at the:

If you’re petite there’s a special full length tight for shorter legs, something many people have to scour to find.

Making activewear part of the daily wardrobe

Activewear is for anywhere. You can go from your gym class to the supermarket and pick up the grandkids in a pair of quality leggings and feel on-trend as well as comfortable. As the weather cools, pair your gear with a long sleeve tee and puffer vest or sweater and you’ll be ready for anything.

Dressing up your leggings with a sweater and modern sneakers

As the weather cools, quality leggings can also be dressed up in comfort with a long-line poncho or jumper that will keep you warm and have you look stylish. You might also look to one of the more fashionable sneakers in the market designed for slightly older feet and those needing orthotics.

Activewear is perfect for travel

As an added benefit, activewear is ideal for travel. If you’re one of the many over-60s hitting the road on your next travel adventure, packing leggings means you always have a pair of pants that can be easily stored and don’t need ironing. Take a couple of pairs in black and you can wear them anywhere from the airport or caravan park to the hiking trail and the shops. The Active Truth range is extra convenient because it can be washed in cold water.

Looking for the best leggings and other activewear for over 60s? Shop the range at on the Starts at 60 Marketplace.

Do you like to wear activewear when you go out and about? Or is it something only reserved for when you're working out?

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