How to pick the right Uber for your journey and budget

Mar 09, 2020
Whether you want to keep costs down or arrive in real style, there’s an Uber to suit your budget.

Ride-sharing is the modern-day successor to the taxi, offering comfortable, convenient rides at affordable prices. The concept has completely changed the transport game, with Uber leading the charge as Australia’s most popular and most-trusted ride-sharing service.

And just as older Australians have taken to Facebook with an ease and curiosity that shows just how tech-savvy they really are, increasing numbers of over-60s are using ride-sharing apps such as Uber when a private vehicle or public transport isn’t convenient.

Uber is also a great solution for people who are no longer able to drive or have mobility issues that make public transport difficult to use, because ride-sharing can be a cost-effective way to undertake regular journeys such as to medical appointments, visits to family or meeting friends for a catch-up.

That’s because while using a taxi can instil you with a sense of dread as you sit in traffic, watching the meter ticking over, you know the estimated cost of your Uber journey before you book your ride.

The money experts at comparison site crunched the numbers and found that Uber offered a more budget-friendly ride than taxi services.

Finder used the fare estimators provided by Uber and Taxi Fare to calculate the cost of a standard journey in Sydney. A taxi in that area charged a base fare of $3.60, plus a booking fee of $2.50, while Uber charged a $2.50 base fare and a super-low $0.55 booking fee.

Overall, the journey was estimated to cost $10-$13 with Uber and $16 with a taxi – what may seem like a small difference, but if you need regular transport, small differences quickly add up.

Uber also offers a range of transport options, so there’s almost certainly one that suits your budget and the type of journey you want to make.

Choose the right ride for your needs

Whether you want to arrive in a luxury vehicle to impress your friends, prefer the comfort that a modern vehicle can offer or you’re happy to ride in a regular model, there’s an Uber to suit every wallet.

UberX is the standard vehicle and the lowest-cost Uber ride, perfect for the budget-conscious rider who isn’t looking for luxury but appreciates a clean, fresh, recent-model vehicle.

If you’re looking for a ride that promises even more comfort and extra leg room, then Uber Comfort is the model for you. Priced marginally higher than UberX, Uber Comfort offers a pleasant ride in newer, mid-size cars with top rated driver-partners (with 500-plus rides under their belt and an average rating of 4.85 or higher.

You’ll also have the option to pick the temperature of the vehicle and how much conversation you like.

For even more luxury, try Uber Premier, which offers premium rides in high-end cars, making this the perfect choice for special occasions or long trips, such as getting to and from the airport.

For passengers who have mobility limitations that may mean they require a bit of extra assistance from the driver, Uber Assist is the best model. Drivers are trained in mobility issues and can be as helpful as you need, including loading the boot for you and helping you in and out of the vehicle at no extra cost.

Know the cost before you ride

One of the ways that Uber stands out amongst its transport competitors is that it offers a fare estimator so that you can find out exactly how much your trip will cost before you request a booking. This will be particularly appealing if you’re the type of person who likes to plan ahead or keep a close eye on your budget.

Thanks to the fare estimator available in the Uber app, there are no surprises when you arrive at your destination – you already know how much you’ll be charged before you’ve even accepted the ride.

To access the fare estimator, it’s a matter of simply opening the Uber app, choosing your pick-up location and your destination, and your estimated fare will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. But you don’t even have to be in the region of travel to get an estimated fare – you can select any destination around the world in which Uber operates (and that’s pretty much everywhere!) and you’ll be able to see how much a specific journey will cost.