Arguments about the TV volume impacting your relationship?

Apr 11, 2022
Audeara headphones can help maintain the peace at home and reduce arguments when it comes to the TV volume. Image source: Getty

Is there someone in your household who watches TV with the volume at an annoyingly loud level? And do you often find yourself yelling over the TV just to have a conversation, which leads to arguments about turning down the volume?

If this is an all too familiar scenario playing out in your home, there’s a good chance you are not alone. In fact, having to turn up the TV to hear better is an early warning sign of hearing loss.

Studies have found that almost 60 per cent of Aussies aged 61-70 have some form of hearing loss, and that rises to 74 per cent for people aged 71-plus. Yet this is a problem that is commonly ignored or one that we tend to be in denial about, which can result in unhappy households especially when it comes to TV time.

So what can be done to maintain the peace at home and reduce arguments when it comes to the TV volume?

Introducing Audeara headphones. Unlike other wireless headphones in the market, Audeara headphones are audiologist-designed and approved. They allow you to program the headphones to your own hearing profile, which results in an enhanced listening experience that’s tailored to you.

The Brisbane-based success story

In 2014, a group of Brisbane doctors and engineers had the goal to create headphones that would offer people a quality entertainment experience while also providing information about their hearing health. And so the Audeara A-01 headphones were born; the only personal headphones that feature an in-built hearing check that has been endorsed by Australian audiologists.

CEO and co-founder of Audeara, Dr James Fielding said the greatest danger was that many people were not aware that they were suffering from hearing loss because they continually turn up the volume on their devices to compensate for the damage.

In 2021, their prototype, the Audeara’s A-01 headphone was awarded the top prize for Hearing Technology Innovator in the personal listening devices category. Fast forward to 2022, Audeara have just released the new A-02 headphones and TV Bundle which is now sold in the majority of hearing clinics around Australia.

Enjoy a tailored listening experience suited to your individual hearing needs

Designed for music, communication, and entertainment, Audeara headphones are not only suitable to use while watching TV, but they also offer an incredible listening experience perfect for when you’re watching a movie, catching up with your loved ones on a call or tuning in to your favourite audiobook, podcast or album.

By using the latest innovative technology to check your hearing, the Audeara headphones provide you with a custom sound solution that enhances sound clarity as opposed to volume. This protects your current hearing, without causing further hearing loss from turning the volume up high, as you would in other headphones when you can’t hear things clearly.

Even if you have minor hearing loss, the headphones will help you hear sounds you didn’t know were there. Imagine hearing a song’s notes you had missed before. It will feel like listening to a concert for the very first time in your own personal cinema where outside distractions are eliminated. You will also be able to enjoy music and movies the way the artist and director intended.

Comes with an easy-to-use companion app

Every pair of Audeara headphones comes with a downloadable companion app that checks your hearing in both ears and then adjusts the sound according to your needs. The companion app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

An algorithm developed by the company adjusts sounds to strike a perfect balance between the ears. For example, if you have a loss in your left ear, the left ear only would be adjusted automatically to account for this so that you have balanced hearing in both sides.

Audeara headphones also allow you to track your hearing over time. Previously completed hearing analyses are stored in your Audeara app profile, should you wish to refer to your hearing history. And remember, just like no two individuals’ hearing are the same, no two pairs of calibrated headphones will sound the same.

Connect two headphones directly to your TV

Audeara-02 comes with a TV Bundle that allows you to connect two of your Audeara headphones to your TV. This means you and your partner can enjoy a tailored listening experience with headphones tuned to your specific hearing needs. No more household friction from overly high TV volume!

And should you want to grab some snacks from the kitchen or make a cup of tea, the impressive Bluetooth 5.0 range means you can move away from your TV or stereo without losing the signal.

Suitable for all types of hearing abilities

Whether you have a hearing problem or are passionate about sound, Audeara headphones are perfect for everyone, no matter what your hearing ability is.

The larger surface area of the over-ear pad also makes Audeara headphones compatible with cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Starting from $349, Audeara is a registered NDIS Provider for Assistive Technology Purchases and an approved DVA device too, which is great for veterans. Simply visit your audiologist to use your DVA funding to purchase.

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Hear the TV, without disturbing others

Learn how Audeara headphones are saving relationships.

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