Sock it to your loved one AND make a difference with this joyful Valentine’s Day gift

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Are you tired of the usual boring romantic overtures on Valentine’s Day but still want to gift your special someone with something unique and affordable? 

Aussie-born social enterprise, the Sydney Sock Project, is the purveyor of some seriously fun socks and every time you purchase a pair a donation is made to one of their registered charities. 

Started by environmental engineering graduate Andres Herrero who eschewed the nine to five in favour of pursuing his passion project, the scheme partners with select charities to make a positive social impact in areas such as bee conservation, cancer research, animal preservation, education and more. 

These are the top reasons for gifting a pair of socks from the Sydney Sock Project this Valentine’s Day:

Easy to make a difference: Because every purchase has a direct impact on one of the Sydney Sock Project’s partner charities, your gift gives you the power to make a difference with a simple click of a button. 

Make your loved one smile: Made from 80% combed cotton, 17% polyester and 3% spandex in a kaleidoscope of colours and fun designs, these cheerful socks are sure to make your loved one smile and keep their feet warm at the same time. 

Not just for Valentine’s Day: Joyful and bright, these socks make the perfect birthday and Christmas gifts as well so stock up with a few pairs for your present drawer. 

Kind to nature: Your socks will be delivered in a 100% biodegradable and recyclable parcel so you can feel good about the fact that no plastic was involved in your purchase. 

Some of your favourite charities on board: These include Books in Homes Australia, Thread Together, Friends with Dignity, NSW RSPCA, Save the Bees Australia, The Alfred Foundation, Children’s Cancer Institute, WIRES and more… 

Life is too short for boring socks and boring presents. So, get behind a worthwhile charity of your choice by purchasing your loved one their new pair of favourite socks today.

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