Say goodbye to brain fog with this caffeine-free alternative

Sep 30, 2023
This natural drink is making (brain) waves and is clinically proven to enhance cognitive performance one sip at a time. Source: Getty

If you’re someone who suffers from mind blanks, brain fog and mental fatigue, we’ve got a neuroscientist-approved solution for you! 

As we age, the unfortunate truth is that our cognitive abilities inevitably begin to diminish over time.

People often talk about boosting brain health by exercising it, playing games and testing your brain’s limits, and while this is definitely something you shouldn’t skip, there’s nothing quite like giving your brain some food. 

Introducing the Kiwi start-up Ārepa, bringing a range of products from drinks, capsules and powders, clinically proven to improve your overall brain health, enhance cognitive performance, and even reduce stress and anxiety.

And did we mention it’s all caffeine-free?

Ingredients backed by neuroscience

Crafted with a team of some of the world’s foremost neuroscientists and food technologists, Ārepa’s clinically proven brain foods stand out from the crowd.

And with over seven years of research and development, they’re fighting the pseudo-science around brain supplements with neuroscience. 

With a hit of energy to rival their caffeine and sugar-boosted competition, the company’s patented formula places a strong emphasis on plant-based ingredients. 

These ingredients include: 

Neuroberry blackcurrant

Blackcurrants have an abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols, additionally, the neuroberry is high in vitamin C, known to support both immunity and cognitive function.


L-theanine is a rare amino acid found in green tea. It helps increase brainwave activity and is anxiolytic, which helps promote your mental well-being, improves sleep quality and helps mental focus. 

Enzogenol pine bark extract

Enzogenol is an exceptionally pure extract derived from the bark of pine trees cultivated in New Zealand. It’s a comprehensive polyphenol extract, encompassing a variety of flavonoid compounds, helping to promote neuronal growth and differentiation.

Ārepa is deeply dedicated to both safety and sustainability, taking pride in its products being composed entirely of natural ingredients. As a result, you won’t find traces of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or preservatives in their products.

Does it really work?

With hundreds of reviews, there’s no need to take our word for Ārepa’s “too good to be true” brain food. Here’s what people are saying: 

“Arepa has saved my brain, dont know what will happen if I can’t afford it. I can now remember things from my childhood even, how fantastic. I can’t wait to see how my brain will be at 80 years of age taking Arepa. I now look forward to the future,” one review said. 

“I have a lot more energy. I’m more organised and the taste is great. I’m dealing with stress better. I no longer drink coffee never thought I would say that. I’m normally 5 coffees in the morning to get moving. I didn’t even try to give it up I just happened,” said another. 

“For the past few weeks I’ve been drinking a bottle each day, either around late morning, lunch time or early afternoon. I’ve noticed I’m calmer, more accurate and focused while working a job that can be very stressful,” another review said. 

Try for yourself

If you’re interested in giving Ārepa’s brain food a try, you can find The Brain Drink in your local Coles, Woolworths, Harris Farm IGA,  BP and Ampol.

Alternatively, you can grab Ārepa’s brain food in shots, capsules or powders, or try a sample pack online to find the perfect option for you.  

It’s the perfect addition to your daily health routine so you can continue to do the things you love.

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