Easy perfect cake pop recipe

Cake pops are the latest dessert sensations and boy are they ever so divine! They aren’t as tricky as they seem, but they do take quite a bit of preparation and time. You can customise your bite-sized creations and we have seen some really gorgeous ideas. Little aliens, ducklings and princesses just to name a few. Covered in decadent chocolate and biting into soft cake really is a yummy surprise that your grandchildren and all of your friends will absolutely love!

The creations are endless and you can get the grandkids involved in the mixing or if you dare, the decorating. You can also purchase a cake pop kit and trays from retailers such as Kmart and Woolworths.



1 Cake – that can be made from scratch recipe or even a box recipe of any flavour.

100g cream cheese

1 cup icing sugar mixture

4 Tbls butter

375g packet of chocolate melts (can be whatever you fancy)

A small amount of wax, optional

Lollypop sticks

Decorations – sprinkles, lollies, coloured sugars, coconut



Bake your favourite cake – whether it be your secret recipe or from a packet.

Once cooled, crumble gently with your fingers, but make sure do not overwork it. It should resemble a similar texture to bread crumbs.

Combine cream cheese, butter and icing sugar in a separate bowl. Then add to cake crumbs mixture and gently work until cake mix is well moistened and forming together. It should be at the point where you can roll solid balls.

Roll into approximately 1 inch balls and place on a baking tray. Insert a lollipop stick into each of the balls. Put the tray in the freezer.

Next, we are preparing the chocolate shell by melting the chocolate melt either in a heatproof bowl over boiling water or by microwave.

Tip: If you want to make the chocolate shell slightly sturdier, add a very small amount of wax to the melting chocolate.

Get your cake pops out of the freezer and take your chocolate off the heat. Dip each cake pop in the chocolate mix and either place back onto the baking tray or stand upright (use a styrofoam block) if you want a nice, round cake pop. Freeze for 15 minutes until icing sets.

Remove from freezer, again dip each cake pop in melted chocolate and adorn with sprinkles, coconut or any other decorations you wish.

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