Protect your finances in style: Explore stylish wallets and bags with cutting-edge RFID blocking

For peace of mind, especially while traveling or for a more stylish alternative to an aluminum foil-wrapped handbag, consider the following options. Source: Supplied.

The ‘simplest’ form of protecting your credit card information is to line the inside of your handbag, wallet or pockets with aluminium foil. This will stop you from transmitting personal information via radio frequency to anyone close by with ill intent. But before you start to look like a conspiracy theorist, the good news is there is a range of materials with built-in technology that can block the transmission of your personal data. This is called RFID blocking technology. RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification’. This is the technology that assists contactless payment. When you’re at Woollies or the newsagent and wave your bank card or phone over a device to make payment, you are using RFID technology.

The potential problem is that if you can wave your card to make a payment, the belief by some is that this technology can assist in contactless crime. The potential hacker would need a device known as a ‘skimming device’ in order to be able to collect your information. The reality is that the highest use of these devices is when thieves set them up on ATM machines, rather than walking past you in the street to randomly take your information. However, once you’ve done your research, you might be pleased to find that there are some solutions out there to protect your credit card privacy via RFID-blocking materials built into the fabric.

How does this RFID-blocking material work? By utilising materials such as carbon fiber and aluminium, the radio frequency is blocked and does not allow the encoding process to happen to hand over your credit card information. Keep in mind, that the levels of broadcast from your credit card are very low compared to radio station broadcasts. The information can’t be picked up from a distance, so anyone with ill intent needs to be close to your cards. So the likelihood of this fraud happening is low. However, if you would like peace of mind (especially when travelling!) or if you are looking for an option more stylish than an aluminium foil-wrapped handbag, the following options might be of interest.

Women’s Clutch Wallet Leather RFID Blocking

Source: Supplied.

This lovely wallet comes in multiple colours and includes a large card coin purse with a zipper. The trifold design includes a phone pocket and RFID blocking material. When closed, all RFID signals from ID cards are blocked.

The wallet has a large capacity, including 19 bank card slots, 3 Large capacity independent zipper pockets, 1 cell phone pocket, 1 cash pocket, 1 receipt slot, 2 ID windows, 2 SIM/SD card slots and a photo pocket.

Priced from $44.50 (on sale now with Black Friday deals, usually $52)


Timberland Men’s Genuine Leather RFID Blocking wallet

Source: Supplied.

Available in brown or black, this genuine leather wallet has a trifold design and includes RFID lining to offer protection against RFID scanners. The trifold design features 6 card slots, a double bill fold and a clear ID window.

Made with the quality of design and craftsmanship you can expect from Timberland, the brown wallet’s retail price is from $29.50 during the Black Friday sales (RRP from $70).

Money belt with RFID Blocking

Source: Supplied.

Available in multiple colours, this fabulous money belt bag not only has RFID-blocking material, but it is small enough to conceal under clothing with the thin design, making it great for travel.

With a 1.45 inch adjustable elastic strap, two metal zippers and pockets, including two pockets for credit cards or coins and a small Carabiner Clip for keys. The fabric is water resistant and includes a hidden headphone hole so you can safely store your phone or mp3 player, yet still listen to a podcast or music whilst out and about.

The adjustable elastic belt is 1.45 inches wide and has some stretch for comfort. The money belt retails from just $19, subject to black Friday sale prices.

Travelon Anti-theft crossbody bag with RFID Blocking & Slash resistant strap


Source: Supplied.

Perfect for anyone travelling, this fashionable cross-body bag features two main anti-theft design elements.

It has an organisation compartment with RFID blocking slots for cards and your passport and a slash-resistant adjustable shoulder strap. The front pocket is also slash-resistant and the bag features a zip rear pocket and removable LED light. The 2 mesh expansion pockets are a bonus for when you are day touring as they will comfortably fit a water bottle and umbrella.

Available in multiple colours, this fashionable bag retails from $69.

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