Pick up broken glass easily and safely with this trick

No need to cut yourself or miss bits cleaning up this situation.

How many times have you broken a glass and cut yourself trying to clean up the mess? Or you’ve thought that you’ve cleaned it all up, you’ve swept and vacuumed and inspected the surrounding floor on your hands and knees, only to step on a tiny, sharp shard weeks, or even months later?

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Breaking glasses is one of those unfortunately common things in life which even for the most careful person is basically unavoidable. Unless you decide to convert to plastic cups forever more.

Assuming you don’t plan on becoming a plastic only household, we have the trick to cleaning up those tiny pieces of glass quickly, effectively, and most importantly safely. This is the best invention since sliced bread!

In fact, all you need for this clever hack is a slice of bread!

To start with, sweep up and dispose of the larger pieces as much as you can. Then using preferably a white, thick, toast slice of bread, gently press the bread against the area where the glass broke. The tiny shards will be pressed into the bread, making it easy to dispose of. You could use similar materials such as play-dough too to the same effect. 

Do you have any other clever life hacks?

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