The key to capturing your beloved pet’s heart revealed

Oct 12, 2023
Our pets become an integral part of our lives, offering unwavering companionship, loyalty, and, most importantly, love. Source: Getty Images.

For many of us, our furry friends are not just companions but cherished family members and understanding the intricacies of the bond we share with our pets has always been a topic of fascination.

Pets, with their soulful eyes and wagging tails, have an uncanny ability to touch our hearts in ways that words often fail to capture.

They become an integral part of our lives, offering unwavering companionship, loyalty, and, most importantly, love.

But what exactly tugs at the heartstrings of our beloved pets? This question has served as the catalyst for an in-depth survey that has endeavoured to reveal the secrets behind the extraordinary bond we share with our furry companions and the best ways in which we can express love to our four legged friends.

Commissioned by Nulo pet food, a recent survey conducted by OnePoll has unveiled some fascinating insights into the world of pet-human relationships. The survey, encompassing 2,000 cat and dog owners, has exposed the myriad ways we communicate our love to our furry companions.

Food remains a formidable channel for affection, with 53 per cent of pet parents prioritising high-quality meals for their animals. Ensuring their pets’ health and nutrition is the topmost concern for 47 per cent of respondents, while 32 per cent seek to introduce variety into their pets’ diets.

The survey also delved into how we communicate love to our furry friends. It turns out, amidst the acts of affection like petting (83 per cent), hugs (62 per cent), and kisses (55 per cent), respondents are indeed speaking the language of love to their pets.

Quality time emerged as another vital channel for expressing affection (27 per cent). This included heartwarming gestures like allowing their four-legged companions to sleep in their beds (62 per cent) and bringing them along whenever possible (40 per cent).

The level of dedication pet parents invest in showing love is remarkable. An astounding 95 per cent of pet owners believe that their pets inherently understand the depth of their love. In a testament to the strong bond, almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of respondents feel they share a common love language with their pets.

In return, pet parents experience affection in many forms – their pets follow them around throughout the day (65 per cent), snuggle beside them in bed (58 percent), bestow kisses (48 per cent), and engage in playtime, whether with them or their toys (47 per cent).

The survey also revealed that for nearly half (47 per cent) of pet owners, their pets are viewed as best friends, with 42 per cent reciprocating this sentiment. Others hold their pets in such high regard that they regard them as akin to their own children (38 per cent), while 37 per cent of respondents believe their pets see them as parents.

This bond runs so deep that seven out of ten (69 per cent) respondents are willing to make a significant sacrifice, even altering their own diets, to ensure their pets receive the best possible food in a testament to the unwavering love and connection shared between pets and their adoring owners.

“With 69 per cent of respondents willing to put their pet’s dietary needs before their own, the data clearly shows just how important a role pets play in their people’s lives,” said Heather Acuff, Ph.D., Nulo’s Director of Research & Development.

“Not only are pet parents speaking their pet’s love language, they’re going above and beyond to provide optimum care and nutrition to ensure the healthiest and happiest lives for their pets.

“Feeding your pet a high-quality diet is one of the biggest ways you can show them your love and appreciation.

“Pets don’t have the ability to voice their food and nutrition preferences, so it’s up to us as pet parents to do the homework and to ensure that the food we are providing is considerate of their dietary needs, is high quality and offers great taste and variety. There is no doubt that food is one of the most important investments we make in the quality of life for our pets.”

Expressing love and affection towards your pets is undoubtedly vital, but the significance of selecting the perfect breed to lavish your affection upon cannot be overstated.

When embarking on the journey of choosing a dog breed for your retirement years, for example, there are several important factors to consider

Factors such as size, energy levels, grooming needs, and temperament all contribute significantly to establishing a harmonious and enriching bond with your beloved furry companion.

Some crucial factors to consider include:

Size: You may prefer dogs that are small or medium-sized to accommodate your living arrangements. Smaller breeds are often easier to handle and require less physical exertion.

Energy Level: While some may be active and enjoy regular exercise, others may prefer dogs with lower energy levels. A breed with moderate exercise requirements may be more suitable, avoiding the need for intense daily workouts.

Temperament: You should look for breeds known for their calm, friendly, and easygoing temperaments. Dogs with a gentle disposition are more likely to adapt well to a retiree’s lifestyle and be comfortable in various social settings.

Trainability: Breeds that are intelligent and responsive to training can make life your life easier. Dogs that are easy to train can quickly adapt to household routines, making them more manageable companions.

In addition to these important factors, Australia’s leading dog groomer and pet educator, Emily Myatt suggests that “costs should be at the top of the consideration list” also.

Choosing the right dog for your retirement can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a decision that needs careful thought as you enter this new phase of life. You want a furry friend that fits well into your lifestyle, bringing joy, companionship, and a perfect energy match.

With plenty of expertise in this arena, Myatt is well placed to offer her advice on what dogs are perfect to accompany you in your golden years and although she suggests against an “oodle breed as they require too much maintenance and costs involved in owning one are high” there are a number of breeds which fit perfectly into the retirement lifestyle.

The best breeds that Myatt suggests include:

  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Cavalier King Charles
  • Boston Terrier
  • West White Highland terrier
  • Whippet
  • Border Terrier.
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