Get your pets winter-ready with Petstock’s latest cosy collection

As the temperature drops, it’s not just humans who need to keep warm, our pets do too. The winter months can be tough on pets, especially those who are used to spending more time outdoors. Keeping them warm is crucial for their health, while providing entertainment helps manage their energy levels and staves off their boredom. Petstock’s latest winter collection is designed to offer a stylish and comfortable solution to ensure your furry friends are snug during the colder months.

Petstock’s winter collection

The winter collection includes cosy sweaters tailored for comfort and warmth and it is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all breeds.

Source: Petstock

Crafted from super soft materials, this garment is designed to keep your pooch toasty warm and secure from head to tail. This fit ensures that your dog can move freely, whether they’re playing, sleeping, or making trips outside. Its easy-to-wear design features a funnel collar that simplifies the process of putting it on and taking it off – no more wrestling with tight openings or uncomfortable closures!

Made from 100% polar fleece with super stretch ribbing, it ensures maximum warmth and the best fit, adapting smoothly to your dog’s movements.

This durable outfit is not only easy to wash but also allows full freedom of movement, so your dog won’t feel restricted during play or toileting. It’s particularly ideal for keeping inactive or older dogs warm throughout the day and night. The gentle yet effective compression can also assist in calming nervous dogs, providing a snug and secure feeling. Plus, the leopard prints add a stylish touch which is perfect for the winter season.

Perfect for colder mountainous regions, these jackets are meticulously crafted to provide a superior fit, ensuring comfort and style that your dog will love to showcase. Easy for both human and pooch, the jackets feature ample leg space and practical Velcro closures, making them effortless to put on and take off.

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Winter Toys and Accessories

Source: Petstock

Keep your cat active and entertained with this engaging toy. The jellyfish wand comes with colorful feathers or bells, perfect for indoor play and stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts. Mix and match with other items from the collection to create a complete set that not only entertains your cat but also complements your home decor.

Soft, cuddly, and durable, these toys are great for pets who enjoy a comforting snuggle or a playful toss. Suitable for dogs and cats alike.

Ideal for ensuring your pet has a warm spot to retreat to, these beds use the pet’s body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Petstock is dedicated to providing products that enhance the well-being of pets. All items in the winter collection are designed with the safety, comfort, and happiness of pets in mind, ensuring that your pet enjoys the winter season in style and warmth. They also offer the convenience of having items ready for pickup just 15 minutes after placing an order online.

Prepare your pet for winter with Petstock’s latest collection. From stylish, warm apparel to fun and cosy toys, Petstock offers everything you need to ensure your pet is happy and healthy during the cold months. Plus, join the Petstock Rewards program to earn 15% brand cashback and accumulate Petstock dollars, which can be used to purchase an item.

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