Calling all cat lovers! Save 20% on ultra-stylish pet furniture

Source: Michu

Michu is a fond favourite among many cat owners in the Starts at 60 community. Their stylish pet furniture, colourful litter boxes and handy accessories are genuinely beautiful, bringing that extra dash of joy and personality to your home.

If you’d like to give them a try, their annual End of Financial Year is your opportunity to save! Right now they’re  offering a generous 25% sitewide discount on all Michu products using the code: EOFY20. 

Michu is highly regarded among pet lovers for their innovative and stylish designs, all dedicated to ensuring that every feline friend receives the best care. This EOFY Sale makes these premium products more accessible, allowing pet owners to provide their cats with exceptional products without straining their budgets. 

What sets Michu apart

Michu is an eco-conscious leader, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design. They use environmentally friendly materials to create its range of high-quality products, ensuring they are both effective and sustainable. Here are some of the products that have made Michu a household name:

Michu’s cat litter is made from natural, biodegradable materials, providing an eco-friendly solution that is both safe and effective for your home. 

Source: Michu

These Freeze-Dried Cat Treats treats are crafted to retain maximum flavor and nutrients, offering a gourmet snacking experience for your feline friends.

Source: Michu

Michu cat litter boxes are designed to blend seamlessly with home decor. They offer functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring easy maintenance and odor control.

Source: Michu

These stylish and sturdy cat trees provide the perfect playground for your cats, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation while doubling as chic furniture pieces.

Check out their value bundles here.

Source: Michu

By choosing Michu, you support an Australian brand dedicated to creating a more sustainable and stylish world for you and your furry friends. This is a limited-time offer, so act fast and provide your pets with the premium products they deserve. 

Visit Michu’s website and explore the extensive range of high-quality, eco-friendly cat products.


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