Over 60s share heartwarming stories of their most cherished Mother’s Day gifts

May 12, 2024
These inspiring tales highlight the bond between mothers and their children, offering ideas for a truly exceptional Mother's Day. Source: Getty Images.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for families to express their love and gratitude for the amazing women in their lives. As we grow older, we begin to appreciate our mothers even more and understand the sacrifices they have made for us.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, one curious Reddit user thought it would be insightful to ask those over 60 to share some of their favourite Mother’s Day gifts they have received over the years.

“If you’re a Mom, what was a gift received from your child(ren) that was especially touching or funny or thoughtful etc?” the user asked.

From sentimental keepsakes to thoughtful gestures, their responses provide a heartwarming glimpse into the unique bond between mothers and their children.

These heartwarming stories not only showcase the love between mothers and their children but also provides inspiration for those looking to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special.

One over 60 expressed that they weren’t too fond of flowers as a gift but that their children found a creative way to still give them joy.

“My kids know that I’m not a fan of flowers, feel they are a waste of money,” they explained.

“So one year they planted me a rose bush and made a cement highly decorated heart shaped stone which they placed with it in the garden. It gave me long lasting pleasure to see that every day.”

Another recounted a heartwarming experience during their time as a school bus driver, where a young girl’s gift of a purse and pink fuzzy key chain brought them unexpected joy.

“I spent a few months driving a school bus. A young girl gave me a purse and a pink fuzzy key chain. I was super excited because I am not a mother but she did not know this,” they said.

Source: Getty Images.

One parent reflected on a card they received with a witty and relatable message that apologised for the antics of adolescence.

“A card that said ‘we formally apologize for everything we did between the ages of 12-19’. Still hilarious and true, although I think 11-21 is a truer age range,” they said.

In this heartwarming response, a parent shared their belief that anything made by their daughters is the best gift and recalled the joy they experienced when their grown-up children crocheted them a coleus plant and a stargazer lily as a present.

“Anything my daughters make me is always the best gifts. This year they each crocheted me a coleus plant and a star gazer lilly! I adore them and my baby girls who are 28 and 31,” they said.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honour and cherish the women who have played an important role in shaping our lives. While gifts can be a lovely way to express our love and appreciation, it’s the love, care and support that we give our mothers every day that truly matters.

The gifts that we give our mothers on Mother’s Day are not about the price tag or extravagance but about the sentiment behind them. It’s a reminder that the most valuable gifts we can give our mothers are those that come from the heart.

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