Lifehacks all pet owners need to know

Not all animals live in harmony with others, but here's a few ways they can live in harmony with us.

There are lots of pleasures to have had with owing a pet.

But you have to be honest, there are plenty of pains with it too. They don’t always behave as we want them to, that’s for sure.

Which is why we’ve compiled a few great ideas to make life a little easier for any pet owner.


Play time

You can easily make a fun toy for your cat with leftover rolls – toilet rolls or cling wrap, for example. Put some dry food pellets inside, create a few holes in the tube in a few places, big enough that the food can fall out (but don’t make it too big for it all to come out at once). Then close up the ends and put it on the ground for them to play with. They’s bat the roll around on the floor, chasing the food around for ages.


If you have precious pieces of furniture that your cat simply won’t leave alone with its claws, turn it into a proper scratching posts. Wrap rope around the legs of tables or furniture and it will keep it protected while you cat continues to claw.

Stinky kitty litter

If you brew your own green tea, don’t toss out those old leaves. Put the in the kitty litter instead, as this will help reduce the smell.

Keep out

If you don’t want you cats playing amongst your precious pot plants get hold of some pine cones. Cats don’t like to walk on them so they’ll avoid the area.



If you have problems getting your dog to stay still while giving them a bath, think of a way to distract them. And what’s the biggest thing that will distract any dog, no matter what he’s up to? Yes, food. Next time you give your dog a wash put a smear of something they like to eat on the edge of the doggy bath. Something sticky like peanut butter works well. So why they are licking away to their hearts content you can be washing away to yours!


If you’ve got a dog who gulps his food down in one go (and who doesn’t) why not try putting a tennis ball in the bowl with their food. It will slow them down as they eat. It also had a benefit of reducing the amount of gas they’ll have so it’s a definite win all around.

Doggy breath

If you hate it when your dog is showing you lots of love, purely because you hate the smell of his breath, try this breath freshening tip. Add some parsley to his food. It’s really that simple. (Here’s another tip, it works for humans too.)

Any pets

Pet fur

Sick of all the fluff you get on your clothes? Rather than constantly purchasing those lint rollers that eventually run out of their stickiness, try rubber gloves. Believe it or not these everyday kitchen items will also remove the lint too. Just dampen a little and wipe away.  If it’s more the furniture or the carpet the glove will work here too, but you can also try a squeegee on firmer surfaces like these.

Do you have your own trick you’d like to share?

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