‘Life changing’ TikTok hack makes messy spills a thing of the past

May 09, 2024
Fellow TikTok users wasted no time in praising the revelation. Source: Getty Images.

Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen knows the frustration of dealing with messy spills.

Whether it’s pouring liquid into a bottle, transferring sauces between containers, or simply refilling a condiment dispenser, the potential for disaster always seems to loom ominously overhead.

But fear not, for TikTok user Jordan Lee has come to the rescue with a hack so simple yet so effective, it’s set to revolutionise the way we handle liquids in the kitchen.

Lee’s revelation came in the form of a TikTok video, where she shared a straightforward yet ingenious trick for pouring liquid from one bottle to another without a single spill.

Armed with a sizeable jar of liquid, Lee exudes confidence as she demonstrates her method, a technique she honed during her days as a nail technician.

“This is something I learned, we’d constantly have to refill our supplies, and I would spill everything everywhere,” she began.

“If you don’t have a funnel, and don’t want to make a mess, I would recommend either using a chopstick or a straw.”

After inserting a chopstick into the smaller bottle, Lee flawlessly executes the method.

“You’re gonna take your liquid and butt it right up to [the chopstick], and then you’re just gonna pour,” she explained.

“This is going to give your liquid a path to travel down directly into your container without spilling and without use of a funnel.

“That my friends is a clean pour.”

@finallyjordan Handy Kitchen Trick! @anna x @anna x #tutorial ♬ original sound – Jordan Lee Disney Mom

Fellow TikTok users wasted no time in praising Lee’s revelation.

“This is actually so helpful,” one person wrote.

“Gonna keep this knowledge for life.”

“I learn useful things on this app everyday.”

“This feels like magic to me,” commented another.

“You have done God’s work.”

“Life changing.”

With just a chopstick or a straw, Lee’s technique elegantly sidesteps the need for a funnel, offering a clean pour with no spills in sight.

As accolades pour in from grateful viewers, it’s clear that Lee’s revelation is more than just a handy trick—it’s a game-changer for anyone who has ever battled with messy spills in the kitchen.

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