Daily Joke: A little boy writes a Christmas letter

Source: Getty Images.

One day, a little boy decides to write his Christmas letter as usual. When all of a sudden, his mum pops into his room.

“What are you doing son?” she asks.

“I’m writing my letter to Santa,” he says.

“With how bad you’ve been this year, you’ll have to write a letter to Jesus to get anything!”

So the boy starts to write his letter to Jesus, and has to think about what he’s going to say.

‘Dear Jesus, I’ve been a good boy this ye-‘

“Ehhh,” he thinks. “If Santa knows that’s not true, then Jesus will definitely know I’m lying.”

So he tries again. ‘Dear Jesus, I’ve been a somewhat good boy this ye-‘

“No,” he thinks to himself. “Jesus is probably smart enough to know that’s a lie too.”

So to clear his mind and think better, the boy goes for a walk.

As he’s walking down the street, he spots a manger scene on someone’s front lawn. He goes up to it, steals Mary from the scene and takes it home

As he goes to sit down, he already has the perfect idea of what he’s going to write.

‘Dear Jesus, if you ever want to see your mother again …’

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