Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A woman goes Christmas shopping

A woman goes Christmas shopping. Source: Pexels

A woman wants to decorate her house for the Christmas season and goes to the local shop with her grandad to pick up some Christmas decorations.

When they arrive, the woman spots some sparkly tinsel behind the counter she thinks would look wonderful.

“How much is this sparkly tinsel?” she asks the man behind the counter.

He points to the Christmas mistletoe hanging above the counter and says: “This week we have a very special offer. It’s just one kiss per metre of tinsel.”

“That’s a great deal,” the woman replies. “I’ll take 10 metres.”

Excited, the man behind the counter measures out the tinsel, bags it up and hands it to the woman.

“Time for your payment,” he says.

The woman calls over her grandad who was searching for other decorations in the store.

“My grandad will settle the bill,” she tells the man.

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